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Do you own a cozy vacation cabin in the mountains, or a farm house in the country? Perhaps you live in a charming cottage in the city, and you aren’t sure how to decorate it. One style of design that is gaining in popularity is rustic home décor. It is perfect for families who have energetic children, or for someone who just wants a home that is cozy, comfortable, simple and able to stand up to the lifestyle of a family of outdoor lovers, while still looking charming and friendly.

The living room shown below is from an advertisement on Amazon for the American Furniture Classics Majestic Deer tapestry sofa and love seat. It is shown here as a warm and pleasant example of rustic home décor. Notice the use of the natural wood floors and paneled walls, accented with a stone fireplace and hunting trophies. These rustic home furnishings go well with the natural architectural features of the room.

American Furniture Classics Majestic Deer tapestry furnitureCredit: www.amazon.com

How to Create the Look of Rustic Interior Design

Rustic décor uses a combination of natural design features such as stone fireplaces, rough textured or wood paneled walls, and natural wood tables. Rustic home furnishings and light fixtures can be purchased or created using rust colored metal, twisted twigs, driftwood and even old farm implements. The idea is for your home to have a well-used and homespun feeling.  Often it is possible to use items you already have, combined with the right vintage accessories.

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Furnishings that work well with rustic design include overstuffed sofas and chairs that look appealing and comfortable. They may be upholstered in solid, neutral colors or with a tapestry or floral design. Leather furniture in natural colors also goes well with rustic décor. Accent your upholstered furniture with soft pillows, as well as cozy blankets and afghans. Use a large area rug to unite seating areas. Native American blankets and rugs go well with this type of interior design, especially if your taste leans more towards Western home décor. For other room styles, it is also possible to use oriental and even modern geometric rugs, both of which will give your room a unique and original sense of design. Some designers also like to use real or faux animal fur rugs on the floor or as accent pieces on the wall.

Use lots of natural wood and stone in your home. Hardwood or natural stone floors work well with this type of design, especially when strategically placed rugs are added for comfort underfoot as well as for their appealing design.

Color schemes for rustic interior design are usually focused around a palette that includes lots of muted, natural colors such as beige, tan and brown. However, these colors could get very boring after a while without the use of a few accent colors such as green, teal blue or rust. Adding color to your home also helps create the impression that people can be relaxed, take off their shoes, and curl up on the sofa, without fear they will leave a smudge on pristine, pale beige furniture. Strive for a look that feels as though real people live in your home, not as though you are trying to get on the cover of a magazine.

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Combine Rustic Home Furnishings with Modern Elements

Just because you want your home to have a comfortable, lived-in look, does not mean that you have to forego the use of modern conveniences. In fact, some of the most creative rustic home decorators do an excellent job of mixing modern elements into the design. In addition, many rustic homes also mix items such as natural wood tables with modern chairs, as long as they look comfortable. Combining the two styles can work very well together.

Among the elements you may want to include in your home are granite kitchen and bathroom countertops, slate or hardwood floors, big country style gas ranges, and maple, pine or oak shelves and cabinets throughout the home. Large picture windows and open beam ceilings will also help make your guests feel as though the surrounding view is part of the home. Many people have also discovered the delight of bringing additional light into their homes by adding skylights and solar tubes. There is no reason why your rustic cabin should feel dark and closed in.

Rustic Decorating Finishing Touches

The key to having a home with rustic décor is to keep it comfortable, usable and friendly. Magazines can be stacked on a coffee table. Games can be piled up on shelves near a game table. Inviting bookcases should hold an assortment of popular novels, as well as non-fiction books about the local area where your home or cabin is located.

Choose artwork that comes from the local community, as well. Is there a local artist or sculpture whose work you especially enjoy? Are there paintings available of some of the more popular local views? If so, purchase a few and feature them in your home.

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Another aspect of rustic and western home décor is that it is perfect for the hunter who wants to display one or two of their stuffed trophies. While you do not want to turn your entire home into a trophy room, a stuffed pheasant or deer head with a large rack of antlers would go well with this type of design.

What other sports do you enjoy? I have seen country homes that had a saddle rack in the corner, displaying an antique saddle. Golf lovers may want to set a bag containing old bamboo handled golf clubs in the corner. Mountain cabins can be decorated with snow shoes or old skis. All of these items add interest to your home and they are great conversation starters!

Do not overdo the decorating, however. While it is nice to have a few interesting local decorations and novelty items in your home, too many will make your home look cluttered and will take away from the peaceful environment you are striving to create. Remember, keep it natural and keep it simple. If you do, your home or cabin will seem inviting to your family and guests, and more than anything, this is the mood that you are trying to create.

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