A rustic living room is a great choice for a space with family and dogs because the room already looks worn. The more dents in the furniture, the better. You may even be able to get your spouse in on the decorating when you include him in rustic design. This might remind you of a log cabin, but also has a more streamlined contemporary approach.

Rustic living room furniture should be both practical and durable. Leather furniture is common in this design style. Look for warmer colors of leather like a deep red or brown. Nail head trim will also be both rustic and elegant at the same time. You can change up the ottoman by going with a fun faux cowhide print that will really get attention and tie the rustic theme together. You may think that rustic decor is too cluttered or cutesy, but it doesn't have to be. You can simulate a real log cabin or give a masculine vibe by bringing in a pool table if you have an oversized living room. You can skip the deer heads and accessorize with copper pots and natural stone pieces. You can build out the fireplace using logs. You can even put half hewn logs sporadically on the walls throughout the room to act as faux columns. A rustic home has a sense of history so add a desk or buffet that has been passed down from generation to generation. You'll even be able to work a piano into this design style. Just stick with an upright piano instead of a baby grand, it will save you money too.

You can make your own rustic room accessories. Take ordinary pictures of your kids and print them out in sepia tone. You can also create a fun family portrait dressed up in cowboy hats and boots to add a personal touch to the room.

Western interior design can also be elegant. Start off with one piece of rustic decor such as worn leather sofas with nail head trim. Accent the sofas with southwest blankets. Keep the rest of the room somewhat neutral so you don't go overboard with the theme. You can paint each wall a different color; stick with a clay, cream and sage green color palette. You can add in more rustic natural elements by investing in a slate fireplace, wood doors, and add wood trim around the entry ways and alcoves in the space. This is a more modern take on traditional ceiling beams. This way your room will still be livable without being kitschy. Your guests will be able to appreciate your design style instead of being overwhelmed by it.

Rustic interior design can even work in a city loft. Start out with traditional furniture but bring in more rustic accessories like a wood coffee table and a striped, low pile rug. The focus of the room can be an oversized western canvas. This doesn't have to depict a cactus or animal skull. Look for an oil painting of wild horses to become the focus of the room. Western plains and deserts will have neutral colors but will still keep with the theme. Accent the room with simple, handmade pottery.

Rustic cabin design can work in a real log cabin or just as a theme for a rustic living room. Panel the walls with half hewn logs. Then bring in muted stripes on the furniture that will relate back to the lines of the logs. Terra cotta and browns will accent the room nicely or you can go with sage green for more of a natural feel. Bring in more natural elements with a cobble stone fireplace. This room may seem dark so make sure you have a lot of light, both from the ceiling and in the form of table lamps.

Animal heads are popular in a rustic design style but you might think they are scary or cruel. You can make a modern take on this that will add a sense of whimsy to the room while still being a designer touch. You might be able to find a deer head made out of cardboard for a contemporary room. You can also find plain white resin deer heads. Add a bright hot pink color to combine design styles with your spouse. You can also paint a southwest pattern to show off artistic skill. For a really modern look go for an acrylic deer head that will be translucent but still make a statement in the room. A metal deer head adds sparkle to the room while still being masculine. The same rule applies to antler chandeliers. They are interesting elements that really bring home that rustic decor. Look for a bright white acrylic chandelier to save money. These pieces will actually be noticed in a room more than traditional elements because they are unexpected.

Bring in leather and faux hides in unexpected ways. You may be able to find a steel frame chair that has a cowhide pattern to it. You'd don't need to go overboard with this theme or else the room will seem too cutesy, just stick with one animal print piece in the room. A leather rug adds texture and style to the floor. To really make a statement panel one wall with squares wrapped in faux pony hide for a rustic element that also has a graphic, contemporary touch to it. With this look you'll want to keep the rest of the room neutral by using brown and white furniture and accent walls. A rustic color palette should be warm. Stick with the colors of the desert, like tones of sand and clay. The patterns and texture in the room really make the statement instead of going with bolder color choices.

You can add in western interior decor by using items you already have. Put an ordinary lamp base inside a cowboy boot to make a statement. Banish your old curtain tie backs in favor of leather or silver belts that will really get the western theme across.