Rustic Mexican Furniture

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Rustic Mexican furniture is a really nice option for anyone seeking a cosy alternative to conventional wood pieces in their home. Mexican rustic wood furniture is not only attractive and reasonably priced, it's pretty easy to find around the world, and it's universally stylish. The style can work with a number of different aesthetics, so don't rule it out based on the origins. Rustic Mexican furniture has a certain cosy, durable, handmade appeal that can't be mimicked with boxed furniture and particle board.

This article is intended to increase your knowledge of rustic Mexican furniture and teach you ways to use it in your home in a tasteful way. Hopefully this piece will inspire you to purchase and use this style yourself, or at the very least broaden your understanding of interior decorating!

Let's get started with rustic mexican furniture!

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Rustic Mexican Furniture: Features, Styles and Hallmarks

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Rustic Mexican furniture is a unique style of design in and of itself. It is at once very regal and stately, and cozy and understated. This is due (in my opinion) to a use of classic, straight lines, panelling, tasteful use of metal accent pieces, and a durable understandanding of design and use. Many of the pieces of Mexican style pine furniture out there today are authentic antiques, because the construction is so fine and the pieces simply last forever. 

Some of the hallmarks of rustic Mexican furniture are as follows. Pine is a very commonly used wood in Mexican style pine furniture, because it is easily found in the country and it's a strong, soft wood that's easy to work with and lasts. This lends a blonde, lighter shade of grain to most rustic Mexican furniture pieces you'll find. 

Rustic Mexican furniture almost has a Western look to it, which makes sense considering the similarities in climate and materials available to Mexico and the southwest United States. However, Rustic Mexican furniture has some distinctions that set it apart. 

Woven parts are a common device used in Mexican style furniture, and they're a hallmark here. Woven wood or palm strips are beautiful additions to these pieces, but they tend to be the least durable elements and antiques of this variety may require some care or careful moving. 

Mexican style furniture also frequently has splashes of bright color and paint, sometimes even small murals. Brightly colored tile isn't uncommon, and it adds a real personality and lightness to a piece, not to mention durability.

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Rustic Mexican Furniture: In Your Space

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Finding a space and use for rustic Mexican furniture isn't hard. Due to the simply, almost utilitarian nature of the pieces, you can find a piece that will slide into you decor with ease. Keep in mind that these are rustic pieces and probably they won't work with a super modern home setup. The average cosy home design can easily accommodate a piece mostly comprised of wood like Mexican style furniture often is. 

Rustic Mexican furniture can actually comprise a great deal of your furniture needs. Since it is so understated but useful, you can have several rustic Mexican style pine furniture bookcases in a room, or a large cabinet. They should seamlessly fit into a space, unless it's really small and cramped. Just make notes of your needs and space requirements before you start looking, and find a piece that works. 

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Rustic Mexican Furniture: In Any Space

Mexican style pine furniture works in almost any room: living room, bedroom, front hall. Be sure to look for durable pieces that look like they will last. Handle any antiques with care, as detail pieces may be ready to fall apart. Most of all have fun looking for these remarkably strong and lovely pieces.