If you are looking to create an air of the great outdoors in your home or are looking for a Western or country flair, rustic wall sconces can really set the mood, both in lighting and in style. Rustic wall sconces, as well as other rustic decor, add a sense of outdoor country or cabin chic to any home.

Rustic Decor

More and more designers are moving away from the world of modern plastics and looking for more natural materials like wood and classic metals to adorn homes. Because of this, Rustic Wall Sconces_1rustic decor is making a major comeback. Rustic decor at its heart is really about creating a sense of the outdoors into the interior of your home. It uses simple and handcrafted objects, recycled barnyard materials, natural woods, antlers, and weathered metals to create an atmosphere that really sparks a connection to the past and to nature. It's a casual style, yet very warm and extremely welcoming.

Rustic decor is also popular because it is an affordable style that fits many types of home designs from bohemian to chic and cabin to cottage. European design styles also play very well with rustic decor making it one of the most flexible decor styles out there today, and one that won't soon go totally out of fashion due to its traditional sense. Plus, styling with rustic decor can be a lot of fun. You can hunt down rustic decor pieces on your own by walking through the woods or visiting barn sales, whether to make into rustic wall sconces or as part of another home fixture.

Where To Use Rustic Wall Sconces

Rustic wall sconces of course are very natural fits when you are designing for a lodge, vacation home, or cabin. It's a perfect relaxed, cost-effective style. But as mentioned, thRustic Wall Sconces_2e rustic style can translate into almost any design style out there. The color schemes for rustic wall sconces usually fall into natural colors often occurring in nature, colors such as dark reds, blues, tans, and darker browns. Rustic wall sconces can be built from many different types of materials including antlers, woods, leather, suede and weathered metals. Like other sconces, rustic wall sconces can be electrical or they can be meant for candle usage.

Know the space you are designing for before choosing a rustic wall sconce. Certain sconces of this type can be rather large. For instance antler sconces can become an amazing focal point for a room, but they can also overpower a design if not careful. Many rustic sconces are built from antique lanterns - the types that were once carried by people as they walked the village streets at night. These lanterns play very well across many design motifs. They feel as at home with a Western style as they do a country modern or rustic European style. If wood is a major part of your overall home design, then rustic wall sconces created from timber framing can be a very unique and attractive alternative. Alternatively, if you are designing with metals in mind, antique metal wheels can be turned into very interesting rustic wall sconces.

Remember, the goal for your rustic wall sconces is to bring a sense of outdoors inside, so don't be afraid to experiment with materials and even build your own. The world of rustic decor is wide open for experimentation, especially when you repurpose antique objects for new uses. Let your creativity flow.

Where To Buy Rustic Wall SconcesRustic Wall Sconces_3

If you live in the country, or often visit there, you can explore local country stores and yard sales for some great materials to build your own unique rustic wall sconces. This real-life search can be a lot of fun.

There are also many vendors online through which you can buy rustic sconces. Amazon.com carries many options, including antique-looking lanterns and farm-inspired wrought metal designs.

Don't forget to also check out stores like Home Goods and Pottery Barn. While some rustic sconces found in these stores may be a little pricey, you can still find amazing deals.