Hardwood has long been the flooring material of choice when looking for ways to improve the looks and value of any home. The only problem with this flooring material is that some of the traditional wood types are not compatible with specific home styles. One option that offers a lot of versatility is rustic plank flooring made from white oak. It is a choice that will fit with all types of home styles.

Plank wood flooring with natural oil finishes has the appeal of old wood and is as appropriate for colonial style homes as it is for contemporary, southwestern or French Country homes. Many people prefer it for its rustic appeal, giving homes an aged look with a flooring material that is very high quality and will last for many years. While the look of reclaimed flooring may be what some home owners prefer, distressed wood flooring that is handcrafted to look aged is a better choice economically.

Part of the appeal that comes with rustic white oak flooring is the use of wider and longer boards than those used in other types of hardwood flooring. In addition to hand cut, boards may also be available with squared and softened edges. The latter may be blackened in order to recreate old loft flooring, which is ideal for kitchens, barn restorations and even commercial applications. The most important feature in solid oak flooring is the authentic historic look that it gives.

Another option that is available today is that of red oak flooring. While white oak is the most popular choice for Colonial style homes, red oak also offers a more traditional appeal with straighter grain and fewer knots. When a homeowner makes the decision to install red or white solid oak flooring, they should choose a company that offers professional guidance about which type of oak wood is right for their style goals.  They will also be able to get advice on the right type of finish for their specific needs, whether they install solid oak flooring, white oak flooring, or distressed wood flooring.

Not only can an oak wood floor look beautiful in a wide range of home styles, they can last for the lifetime of the structure. Their timeless beauty ensures that they will continue to be a stylish color for any style of home for many years to come. In order to get these long-lasting results, it is essential to get the quality of flooring that comes from a reputable dealer. Instead of purchasing reclaimed oak flooring at a high price, a better choice is the handcrafted and prefinished wood flooring that is professionally made with the desired characteristics. Also, look for a company that backs their products in case there are any problems with any of the planks after they are installed.

Today, there is more flexibility about what type of flooring is best in what style of home. Rustic floors were originally used in country style homes out of necessity. However, more people are finding that rustic plank floors can bring a unique style and character to any home. Now home owners can choose the type of hardwood flooring that they want without the limitations of design.