Rustic cabinet knobs and pulls are some of the more popular hardware material. Rustic cabinet knobs and pulls can provide your cabinets with that traditional old fashion look. Rustic was made popular back in the 19th century, when a lot of homes and furniture were made out of wood. Today rustic cabinets and furniture still provides a sense of tradition and a classic look to your home.

Talented craftsmen design and create the most authentic rustic cabinet hardware. There are pretty cool rustic cabinet knobs and pulls that can really make furniture and homes stand out. The first thing that stands out in cabinets are the knobs and pulls. There can be some pretty unique rustic cabinet knob designs that suit each traditionalist preference to match their rustic cabinet look. You can find some really nice rustic cabinet knobs and pulls at antique stores. There's a lot of popular hardware brands that sell rustic cabinet knobs and pulls, but a lot of small time "mom and pop" stores in your local area probably sell some find antique rustic cabinet knobs and pulls designs.

What are rustic cabinet knobs and pulls made of?

Rustic cabinet knobs and pulls can be made from numerous different materials like zinc, stone, pewter, stainless steel, crystal, and woods like oak, cedar, and pine. A lot a different materials can be used to make rustic cabinet knobs and pulls. Some local hardware stores might custom design rustic cabinet knobs for you, but they're usually more expensive. Some popular finishes for rustic cabinet knobs and pulls can consist of copper, iron, black, gold, brass, and silver.

Popular rustic cabinet hardware brands, knobs, and pulls

Atlas Homewares

Rustic cabinet Knobs: Atlas Homewares Old World Small Knob - comes in finishes pewter, rust, oiled rubbed bronze, venetian bronze. Projection and diameter is 1".

Atlas homewares old world large knob - comes in finishes venetian bronze, burnished bronze, craftsman copper, oil rubbed bronze, pewter, and rust. Diameter 1.5" and projection 1.25"

Rustic cabinet pulls: Antique homewares 3" (76mm) antiquities twisted wire cabinet pull - a popular rustic cabinet pull, with twisted barb wire. Length 89 mm, 13 mm width, and 35 projection. Comes in finishes nickel, white, black bronze, and pewter.

Atlas homewares antiquities 3-1/2" (89mm)cc fluted cabinet - can be found in a lot of flea markets, and online. Comes in a 102 mm length, 44 mm width, and 19 mm projection. Comes in finishes rust, pewter, bronze, nickel, and copper.


Rustic cabinet knobs: Round knob finishes - finishes include hammered black, regency brass, and hammered bronze. Comes in a projection and diameter of 1".

Amerock forgings 1-1/4" (32 mm) round knob - A diameter of 32 mm, projection 29 mm, that comes in finishes bronze, brass, copper, nickel and pewter.

Rustic cabinet pulls: 3" pull rustic finishes - A length of 5", projection 1.094", width 1". Provides old fashion finishes of hammered black. Other finishes include regency brass, come in length 5", projection 1.125", width 1". Wrought iron finish comes in 5" length, projection 1.375", and width 0.75". Hammered bronze, 5" length, 1.094" projection, and 1" width. Brass comes in the length of 4.562", 1.375" projection, and 0.75" width.

Belwith and Hickory hardware

Rustic cabinet knobs: Belwith Rustic Keeler knobs - made from zinc, with finishes of windover antique finish, and black iron. Comes in a diameter of 1.25", and a projection of 1.25".

Hickory hardware charleston knob - comes in diameter 1.25", 1.22" width, and comes in finishes of aged bronze, iron, bronze, braze, and copper.

Belwith rustic cabinet pulls: Popular finishes for pulls can include iron, brass, bronze, windover antique, and materials are made from zinc. A very old fashion rustic handle pull is going for a cheap price at, for just $4.95 currently.