At an excellent price, you will achieve some good functionalities given by the Ryobi ZRRTS10 Portable Table Saw.

This tool is packed with the newest and greatest table saw applications and guarding specifications, therefore it's perfect for the cost-conscious pro. The Ryobi 10 inch Table Saw is best add-on to a device gallery since it is light-weight and convenient to use, whether you're framing a door or even making a deck.

NB: this table saw is actually a factory refurbished product. Factory reconditioned means that the saw was refurbished back to a saleable state after being returned to the manufacturer.

Know your Table Saw

The safe use of this machine needs a knowledge of the capabilities on the tool.

ANTI-KICKBACK PAWLS - This is when the machine is thrown back towards the user and is damaging. The removable anti-kickback pawls have got teeth that point away from the workpiece. The potential of kickback is lowered or perhaps prevented as the teeth catch to the wood in cases where the workpiece is retracted towards the user.

BEVEL SCALE - The exact blade angle is displayed on the easy-to-read scale on the entrance of the cabinet.

BLADE - This table saw is provided with a 24-tooth, 10 inch. carbide blade. The blade is elevated and lowered using the height/bevel adjusting handwheel. Bevel angles are secured using the bevel locking lever.

Blade guard - Always keep the removable blade guard down over the saw blade for through-sawing cuts.

HEIGHT/BEVEL ADJUSTING HANDWHEEL - Located on the face of the cabinet, utilize this handwheel to lower and elevate the blade for position adjustments or blade exchanging. Bevel angles modification is also made simple by applying this handwheel.

MITER GAUGE - A cross cut can be achieved by aligning the miter gauge. The specific angle for a miter cut can be seen on the easy-to-read signal.

RIP FENCE - A stable metal fence leads the workpiece and is secured with the locking lever.

SCALE - Located on the front rail, the scale provides accurate specifications for rip cuts.

SPREADER / RIVING KNIFE - Slightly finer compared to the saw blade, this detachable metal part of the blade guard assembly stops kickback but also keeps the kerf open. When in the through sawing, or “up” posture, it is above the saw blade and turns into a spreader. While in the non-through sawing, or maybe “down” posture, it is underneath the saw blade teeth and becomes a riving knife.

SWITCH ASSEMBLY - This saw has an easy access power switch situated below the front rail. To lock the switch at the OFF position, eliminate the switch key on the switch.

Technical Specifics of Ryobi ZRRTS10 10 inch Portable Table Saw

  • Powerful 15 Amp motor
  • Compact construction for easy transport
  • Expanded rip capacity 12-in right of the blade and 8-in left of the blade

Ryobi ZRRTS10 Portable Table Saw - Product Descriptions:

  • Speed: 4,800 r/min (RPM)
  • Motor: 120V~ 60 HZ, 15 Amp
  • Arbor: 5/8"
  • Blade Diameter: 10"
  • Height: 14-3/4"
  • Width: 25-3/4"
  • Depth: 23-1/2"
  • Miter Slot: 5/8"
  • Table-top: 16" x 25-3/4"

What are the users saying about the Ryobi ZRRTS10 Portable Saw:

****4 Stars “Does the job well” Mar 2010

“The Ryobi ZRRTS10 Portable Table Saw is perfectly boxed and guarded. The set up was clear and easy following the guidelines delivered. It cuts very smoothly and has nice power. Though the mitre gauge/pusher appears too small to complete precision work, the fence is durable enough. Furthermore, the power switch, height, angle controls are tough. This table saw will give good results for home jobs or in a small workshop."