The value of the Internet in providing useful information cannot be denied. The most important task a net surfer faces is to distinguish the good websites from the bad websites. This is not an easy task.

The net surfer is advised to follow the following security tips:

1. Make sure that your net computer is equipped with good anti-virus software with its antivirus signatures automatically scheduled to update.

There are a number of good freeware antivirus products for the home user and if your pc is running without an antivirus your pc will soon get affected when you do your net surfing.

2. Make sure the latest Net Browser software is installed on your pc. The latest browsers incorporate additional security features, warn about websites which can be potentially dangerous and can affect your pc with spam or viruses if you open the site etc.

3. Be careful of websites which entice you to click on links for increasing your computer speed or  informing you that you are the 9999 user to visit the site  or something similar and have qualified for a special gift . You can end up with your internet browser fully hijacked with the spam site home page and then you have the tedious job of removing the malware from your system.

4. Block emails coming regularly from a particular websites as they are not genuine companies but only fraud companies who want to get your registration fee or your credit card details.

5. Never give your credit card details to any website site without checking their credibility on the net. Have a special credit card of limited value only for net transactions to protect you in case of a credit card fraud.

7. Check out different user’s views if a particular website is asking for credit card details as some users may be working for the company and post false claims on the net to lure the user to join the site.

8. Warn other users of   false claim /spam / not genuine websites

It is your moral duty that if you have experienced a problem with any particular website which has harmed your pc and to post it on the net in newsgroup forums, social networks etc so that more users come to know and they do not surf that particular website and do any transaction with them.

In conclusion be careful of websites or emails which inform you of rewards or ask for your credit card details.  Many spam emails are received by users informing that their email address won an award .These are all false spam mails and they will only lose your hard earned money.

Do make sure that your computer is equipped with a good updated antivirus and all the latest Windows security updates.

Finally use your discretion and identify the good websites from the bad websites and you will be able to surf safely and harness the full power of the Internet.