The grand finals (for the G star tournament) is between the two players Foxer or fake boxer aka optimus prime or marine king prime (terran) against the zerg Zenith and HD has done a great job commentating on it. This is a synopsis for those people who are unable to watch it either due to them being in a place with low internet speeds or at work where youtube is firewalled.

HD mentions that Foxer is the master of early game cheese but seems less inclined to use an early game shenanigans in this high stakes game and going something more standard to shake Zenith up. The drone has scouted the terran base and was taken out by a marine. Foxer went for a 1-1-1 that isn't really a Husky Destiny Cloud Fist build and the star port is coming out but still isn't scouted due to the marines blocking the way. It looks like a tech lab is out for banshees to be on the way.

The zerg has an expansion out but is going roaches, and if Foxer goes with banshees he would need queens to deal with the banshees. An overlord is going in to scout out Foxer's base but the marines goes in to take out the overlords. While the marines are distracted though a zergling sneaks in to do a scout and now he knows banshees will be coming and it turns out that a banshee is out. More queens are being built. The banshee harassed was quickly repulsed. The terran now goes for his own expansion with a bunker out and a siege engine supporting the marines. The terrans looks to be transitioning into marine medivac with siege engines and the zerg gets the stuff for a common muta ling combo. For e.g. centrifugal hooks are coming out. Foxer loses a banshee to a queen, but it wasn't doing much anyway. Zerg has one expansion up over the terran.

Mutalisks with baneling and roach support is out and looks to work well against the mass marine army. Again Zenith utilizes a fork to attempt to make Foxer overspread resources. The Zerg is macro-ing up quite a bit.

Foxer finally attempts to push out with siege and massive marines with 5 medivacs. Quite a bit of banelings prove a threat. A few tanks are taken out by banelings but the marines survive against the mutalisks with the medivac heals. It is a small victory and incoming speedlings keep up the pressure although teran reinforcement comes in. A second speedling force sneaks in through another position and it might prove to be bad news for foxer, but they are eventually cleaned up. Foxer's battle tactics is keeping him into the game and his terran forces tries for the gold but the zerg goes for a push. The zerg forces are still held at bay although just barely, taking a lot of scvs out with them. Mass banelings are just rolling over the terran's base. And tons of scvs are getting taken out by the remaining roaches although they block off the ramp. The zerg macro is eventually overwhelming and Foxer will call gg at any moment. Foxer calls gg.

For the second game their map is the very classic one of green plains of lost temple. Zenith goes with an early overlord scout. Zerg goes for a double gas early on! Full drones are placed on them and zerglings are out to take out scouts. A lair is coming up. It is now scouted by the scv who sees the double gas and early lair. Meanwhile foxer is going for his own cheese with thorship. Spire going up that may counter thorship. Overlord sacrificed to see armory with its last few hp. Foxer sending scvs off into the line with the thorships doing a drop on the main. Impressive play! About 8 scvs on thors and drones trying to block the scvs on repair. Thor takes out the mutalisks and survives for a long time. Brilliant offense and defense on both sides! Zenith does his fork attack again which foxer might not be able to deal with. Thor repulses the mutalisks hovering in the skies. The games are best of three and if foxer loses this he loses the first place. Foxer going with a scv support push on double thor attack. But oh no it wasn't enough and the zerg forces eats the wonderful cheese. Foxer is down. A minuscule zerg forces goes into the terran base which has barely any units left to hold off the onslaught however small it is. More zerg reinforcements coming in. One thor against 8 roaches isn't really much of a fight. Scvs barely keeps the thor alive. Foxer is just barely hanging in the game!! Another push in by zenith for his advantage. Baracks hovers between red and orange and eventually taken down. Roaches and links have penetrated the base. The two thors are slowly being whittled but the scvs just keep the thors alive. Zenith just pours on the unstoppable zerg flood of units, keeping foxer on his toes.

Foxer does a desperate thorship. Mass roaches comes in to make the dropship run back with his thor, holding off the thor drop. Foxer's mineral fields are slowly eroded away. He needs his expansion which would be hard to secure.

Very likely it will end with an all in. Mutalisks go after the drop ships but the Thors are safe and the mutalisks are taken out save one. Foxer settles for a command center. A final zerg force forces out a reluctant but ineluctible gg from Foxer even as foxer does try to go for securing his expansion with quite a few thors although it is little match for the mass roaches.

This was a really good game to watch and HD did a great job casting it! If you are finally back home and able to watch youtube you can follow the link here:

That is the first game in the series and you can follow the continuing links to watch the second and following segments.

If you still have no youtube access, but would like to read synopsis you can try reading another Starcraft 2 one.