If you have ever gone SCUBA diving, you may have needed a SCUBA buoyancy compensator. When you are diving under the water, it is essential that you retain neutral buoyancy.

A compensator helps you to do just that. There are several devices that can be used as SCUBA buoyancy compensators. These compensators make it possible for you to stay underwater while you are wearing your heavy SCUBA tank.

You can get a SCUBA buoyancy compensator in the form of an inflatable jacket or vest. These can typically be bought at any SCUBA supply store and are very easy to purchase online. When you want to rise to the top of the water, air is added inside the vest, so that you will float.

When you want to go down deeper, you simply let air out of the vest or jacket. The most common type of SBC is the vest. Air pockets are in the back of the vest and wrap around to the front. This type of vest allows you to float vertically in the water on the surface. This is very helpful when you are trying to get all of your gear in place.

Wing style compensators are another type that you can get. These SBC's have wing like pockets where the air fills up. One advantage of this style of compensator is that it allows for more range of motion.

It's very important to test out not only your buoyancy compensator, but all of your SCUBA gear and equipment before you make a dive. You can easily do this in a swimming pool where it is safe. Have someone near at all times in case you have a problem that you need help with.

If you are planning on going on vacation and you wish to rent your SCUBA gear, then make sure that you are renting from a reputable company and that you test out all equipment before use. SCUBA diving can be a fun and exciting activity.

However, safety should always come first. Never go SCUBA diving alone and always make sure that you are diving in a safe and legal place. If you have never SCUBA dived before, make sure that you take the appropriate classes before giving it a go. You'll be glad you did.