Business owners and managers are usually well aware of the fact that they should provide their different staff members with a secure working environment. And they also know that one of the best ways of doing so is by providing them with some kind or other of ID badge. ID badges have become extremely popular over the last decade and almost every company has adopted them. They have proven to be an efficient and convenient way to keep the different staff members properly identified and distinguished from visitors, guests and strangers.

However, ID cards on themselves are not secure and, therefore, business owners and managers need to incorporate to them different security features so that they cannot be easily copied, forged or tampered with. Fortunately, there are plenty of security options available in the market and, believe it or not, some of them are quite original and inexpensive. Let’s review some of them in the following paragraphs:

Your Employees’ Picture: This is probably the most basic and practical security feature you can add to your corporate ID badges. It helps your security officials know for sure if the person who holds the ID card is really who he says to be.  In order to be effective, it should be an updated picture of your staff member and it should be taken in color and with a high quality resolution.
The Shape and Size of Your ID Card: Even though most ID cards are similar in size and shape to a regular credit card, providing your staff members with a square or oval ID or with one that is bigger or smaller than average is not only surprising and proof of the modern vision of your company but also an excellent and affordable safety measure. Scammers and fraudsters will be discouraged to imitate your corporate identifications because they will have to invest in special ID badges and, probably in a special card  printer to produce them.

Magnetic stripes or  bars: Adding magnetic stripes or bars to your ID badges offers you the invaluable opportunity to store sensitive information in them regarding your employee or business organization without fearing it to be accidentally disclosed to any unscrupulous individual or stranger. They offer business owners and managers the advantage that the information stored in them can be easily updated or edited if necessary.

Adding Color: Opting for full color ID badges can be a security option as well. The more complex your ID badge design is, the more discouraged identity thieves will be to imitate them. Therefore, do not forget to add a background color or a color line to your employee identifications.