Organic, local SEO (search engine optimization) is the most effective way to increase the local traffic your website receives. Local business wishing to make themselves more visible online to their target audience should definitely invest in a good local SEO campaign. Here are some tips on local search engine marketing that should help get you started.

Local Directories
Submitting your website to local business directories is a must. Do it with your local Better Business Bureau and your local chamber of commerce. You'll also want to get on the local business directories of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, which offer free local business listings. Other popular directories for local businesses are City Search and TrueLocal.

Leveraging Domain Trust
When you start up a new domain, it will take a while before you gain the trust of Google and other major search engines. In the mean time, take advantage of established domains who already have that trust by listing your business in their domain. A lot of these sites that have local business listings charge very little a month. Leveraging other sites' domain trust will help build up your own site's trust by driving traffic to you.

Make You Address Visible
On your site's main homepage, you actual physical business address should be clearly visible. It should also be prominent in as many of your web pages as possible. Any blog or social networking profile you've created for your business should also list your address. Potential customers should have not have to work hard to find you.

Going After Multiple Local Markets
If you are targeting multiple towns, build a webpage that advertises to each of them separately. If potential customers hit a landing page with several different towns listed on it, they won't feel that the business is as locally relevant. Conversions will increase if you cater to each market separately. For example, customers in San Francisco will prefer a San Francisco SEO agency over firms that target multiple markets at once.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
If you don't want to run a full SEO campaign just yet, a pay-per-click ad campaign targeting local markets is a great way to do market research and increase your short-term traffic. PPC ads let you test out different keywords to see which are more effective and relevant. Post ads on Google, Yahoo! and relevant local sites.