When you are looking for SEO or search engine optimization and want to get the highest search engine rankings you may need a qualified specialists who specializes in search engine optimization. On the other hand SEO is something that if you take the time and make the effort you can enjoy seeing your website or webpage or blog rankings go higher in the search engine race for the top. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to learn some of the techniques used to increase those rankings. Even if you can’t design your own website and you have someone who specializes in that do it for you, your rankings can in fact go up. Here are some tips to achieve that SEO goal.

Tip No. 1) Reach People Early

This is all part of providing a good website experience and is an important SEO tip. For a website to be effective it has to get some action from the users. This action may be a blog entry or a membership sign up. It may mean an ultimate purchase after lengthy searching for information on a product. It may be a thumbs up or a like on facebook or other social networks. But before you get that action from people they have to want to visit your site. For this SEO tip to be effective you have to reach a high level of conversion for the users from first use to a final action.

Tip No. 2) Make The Site Load Easy And Fast

One way to discourage users is for your website to be slow to load. This SEO tip is to remember that not all users have high speed internet. And also remember that any links that you have on your pages or site must also be easy to get to and when they get there must tie into your site somehow. So they have to be relevant. So the SEO tip of faster loading means more customer satisfaction which leads to customer returns and often to good links which leads to higher rankings.  

Tip No. 3) Develop Some Relevant Links And No Bad Neighborhoods

Search engines like good quality links to your site. This SEO tip means that you don’t want o get involved with actions like link farms which are a large amount of links that all are connected by hyperlinks back to each other. This may get you penalized by a search engine. When you want to be a candidate for quality links don’t provide links to bad neighborhoods either. The way to SEO is not by linking to penalized websites.

Tip No 4) Make Websites Or Web Pages For Users Not The Search Engines

When you get your website or webpage or blog up and running whether you hired someone to design it or you did the design yourself you need to make sure that the site is designed for the ultimate human user and not for a computer search engine. It is the users who will seek you out if you are a quality website. This means people mentioning your site in a blog which is a quality link. It may mean other webmasters linking to your site for relevant information about their products. And this SEO tip means that search engines will like your site better, giving it stronger rankings. Besides search engine rankings don’t make sales but they do get people into the door.

Tip No 5) Eliminate Duplicate Content

For this SEO tip you have to remember that search engines do not like duplicate content. This does not mean that if you have a recipe website and you offer the same recipe as a printable recipe which is in fact duplicate content that the search engine will pick up that as duplicate content because it won’t. The search engine may assess the two pages and will choose one for its results. Or you can insert instructions as which to use which the search engine will note. Having a lot of duplicate content is a sure way not to get SEO results with higher rankings. This also includes using non-sensible multiple key word usage everywhere you can throw them. Poorly used keywords will drive away users too.

Tip No. 6) Use Text Not Images With Text

Search engines don’t pick up text within images so this SEO tip is that you don’t want to put key words inside images because the search engines won’t read them. For optimal SEO you have to make the website search engine friendly. To be search engine friendly means you have to have website design and development that is friendly for the search engine to view. This includes the menus and the website design including images, videos and even the shopping carts.

Tip No 7) Don’t Use Scripts For Fancy Navigation

This SEO tip is that search engines can’t always read all scripts. So if you are going to have drop down menus that are exotic in any way and you want your website to have a high ranking you cannot use a script that the search engine can’t read therefore the search engine can’t evaluate it so it leaves that site not indexed. This tip ties back to Tip No. 6) which says that the website has to be search engine friendly.  

Tip No 8) Keep Content Helpful, Informational And Educational

This is not the easiest way to get optimal SEO because in order to keep your content helpful and full of information you have to spend some time creating that content. This doesn’t mean just writing content but this SEO tip involves actually spending time and effort keeping your content up to date and current. If you provide something that is educational or informative then other webmasters will want to add your site by using a one way link. You will get good back links with good content and those types of SEO techniques will attract the attention of the search engines and help your rankings.