Search engine optimization (SEO) backlinking is a strategy used by web page owners and web content creators to try and get the largest number of page views on their websites. SEO backlinking isn't a difficult process to work with, but it does help if you take some specific steps to get your content noticed.

Things You Will Need

Established content on the Internet

Step 1

Create a backlink in the form of an Internet bookmark. If you find a website such as or then you can create an Internet bookmark. These bookmarks are links to your content that people surfing on that site can find which should drive more people to your content.

Step 2

When you write new content, include links to your previously written content. As an example, say you wrote a review of the role playing game Deadlands Reloaded (such as the one here, and a write a follow up review of the broader game system it's a part of called Savage Worlds(located here In the second article, which is about the game system Savage Worlds, you include a link to your previously published article about Deadlands Reloaded, since that game is a smaller part of the larger game system. The key is to make these in-article backlinks contextual, and not to just throw in a bunch of articles links that don't really belong in the article you're writing.

Step 3

Continue creating backlinks until you've managed to weave all of your content together. The key is that you want all of your articles and content to connect to other articles and content as much as possible. That way someone who likes one piece might view others, and the more successful your content will be considered. Backlinking is a great strategy, and it helps you get your content noticed more often. If you're a professional freelance writer, or if you depend on people viewing your website's content to keep making money then backlinking is absolutely essential as a regular practice.

Tips & Warnings

If you already have content that's established, create backlinks between those articles by editing them. If editing isn't possible, then create Internet bookmarks for the content so that you have some kind of SEO backlink to your content.