If you learn some of the basic techniques and strategies, it's easy to get lots of backlinks set up to your website. It might seem like there's a lot to learn about backlinks, but the truth is that most of these tricks are very easy to follow and once you get them down, they're really easy to use.

Backlinks do a lot more than just provide some free traffic to your website, they help to improve your popularity within relevant, niche-focused websites and can also increase your ranking within the top search engines. When the engines rank you they think of each one of these backlinks as a "vote" that vouches for the relevance of your website. Your website gets a higher ranking based upon the volume of these "votes" from other websites. So if you were to work hard and get literally thousands of backlinks set up to your website, you should expect to receive a very high - if not the highest - ranking within the top search engines for your relevant keywords and key phrases.

To get started you need to understand that some of the most powerful backlinks you can get, as determined by the top search engines, will come from social bookmarking sites. Make a post that includes your website link at several social bookmarking sites and you'll see results.

Another great way to get backlinks is to create original and relevant articles to post on e-zines or article directories that are rich in content and keywords that will catch the attention of the search engines. The three most widely used directories that you should use are GoArticles.com, Buzzle.com and eZineArticles.com. The more articles you write, the more traffic you'll get and the more relevant backlinks you'll establish.

If you really want to work hard and build thousands of backlinks to your website, you've just got to get out there and do it. Too many beginners are just looking for a fast way to get traffic and make money online, but the truth of the matter is that it takes an investment of time and diligence in order to achieve success. Another thing you need to know is that while it is possible to create thousands of backlinks, it can't happen overnight - it needs to happen over time.

A good schedule to keep yourself on would be to write 5 articles each day, tweak them each slightly and submit them to at least 10 article directories a day. Register an account at least 5 relevant forums or message boards and commit to posting there with your backlink in your signature at least 5 times a week. Launch a relevant blog and make daily posts - more if possible - with links going back to your site. Try this technique out for 30 days and just stick with it. After 30 days you should see that you have established somewhere around 2,000 backlinks to your website while other marketers within your niche are still looking around for that "get rich quick" method that will make them money without having to do any real work.