Keywords are words or phrases that the visitors of the websites or the end user use to search for specific content on search engines. It often determines what keyword or keywords to use when optimizing a website. The occurance of specific keyword on a webpage is critical to influencing SERP ranking.

Below are questions to focus on while considering which keywords to focus on. 

Does anyone search for the word on search engines?

For example, if the website is about ‘restaurant’, people would use keywords such as dine, cuisine, menu, restaurants. Would they use ‘eatery’.

What keyword would the target audience use?

If a site is aimed at large area, the regional diction complicates things. The site developed in US would rank and do better if ‘apartment’ is used as a keyword, however, ‘flat’ would be preferable for UK based website.

            There are factors other than geographical region and language. People might be using keywords according to their work and backgrounds. For example, a scientist might search using scientific keywords for a product. Now, the same product may be search for marketing purpose by general public. For them, scientific keywords are meaningless.

How competitive is it to rank with a specific word ?

            If a website is about ‘news agency’, search engine optimizers would probably use news, breaking news, global news as their keywords. But these keywords are very common and would not influence the ranking of the website as there are already thousands of them. However, if you use more specific word like  ‘chronicles’, it would help to make your website stand out from the crowd and influence the rankings as a result.

            There’s also difficulty of ranking high in search engines results for an extremely competitive keywords such as ‘wine’. Local wine shop located at Thamel street in Nepal don’t have to rank high in the search engine for the keyword ‘wine’. It would be better to focus SEO efforts on words and phrases such as ‘Thamel wine shop’ or ‘Kathmandu wine shop’.

How does one find out words that are commonly used by a specific audience ?

          One of the ways to find out what words the target audience use for the specific website is to ask the client of your website. They already have list of client who come and ask for information relevant to them.

            Another useful tool is Google Suggest. Google Suggest list the number of search results that the search engine presents for a specific keyword. This can be helpful.

            Other tools would be keyword selector tools, that will read the pages on a website and suggest keyword to the SEO professional. There are plenty of SEO tools on the internet at One of the application, such as Keyword Cloud tool would analyze the text on a web page and produce a word cloud to show which words are used the most.

Some of the other keyword research tools include :

            Adwords Keyword Traffic Estimator Tool and Trends Feature (Google), Adcenter Keyword Forecast Tool (Microsoft), Word Tracker : Basic keyword Suggestion Tool, and Keyword Discovery : Basic Search Term Suggestion Tool.

            These tools will give an estimates and projections. Collectively, they can help provide a fairly good idea of keywords that are used by your target audience for a specific website.

            You can also examine other competitive websites in the internet, so that you can analyse what keywords they use in their content descriptions, pay-per-click campaigns, etc.?

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