I've compiled a short list of key terms to understand in the world of SEO. While these are only the beginning, they should be enough to help you understand things a little bit better. I will assume that you are acquainted with some SEO terms and practices throughout the list, so this is step two of the basics.

Long tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are basically longer phrases that target a very specific product or topic. These can be essential in bringing profits to your site, as those searchers who enter specific long tail keywords have already reached the point in their search where they know exactly what they want, and they are ready to comparison shop and purchase.
301 Redirect: This is a permanent redirect that can be very important for keeping your page ranked high. If you change your domain name or URL, but you want to keep your page rankings, you must implement a 301 permanent redirect to keep all of your original traffic and high rankings.
Back Link/ Inbound Links: This refers to the links on other sites that literally link back to your page when someone clicks on them. These help your search engine rankings because they are found by spiders, and also increases the traffic to your site due to sheer visibility.
Anchor tag: This is the text you choose to use as your hyperlink text. The words you choose for your anchor tags are extremely important and these links are major finds for the search engine spiders.
Organic Search Results: This refers to the 'natural' search results on the first page of Google, or other search engine sites. These are not the advertisements or "sponsored results."
Google Adwords and Adsense: These can be really helpful for getting your site off the ground, and provide you with a bit of a profit. Adwords and Adsense are part of a complicated marketing campaign launched by Google a few years ago. Adwords are various keywords that are embedded with links to increase the popularity of a site; Adsense can be text, graphics or videos embedded with sponsored links. You share your very small profits with Google as your page's popularity increases.

If you aren't comfortable beginning this endeavor on your own, there are plenty of companies with specialists in web analytics, SEO and SEM all across the globe. You could simply Google "SEO San Diego" for San Diego, California web marketing.