Are you in need of SEO help? Search engine optimization is an exciting marketing technique. It's highly competitive and ever-changing since the search engines often change their rankings formulas. But if you are new and you need SEO help, where do you begin? There are some tried and true techniques that have been consistent for many years. Start with these basics to help build up your arsenal.

Begin any website development by architecting out a site map, including the navigation structure. If you don't know where your site is going next, then it's for sure that the search engines won't know either. Search engines send out what are known as "spiders" to crawl over your websites. These spiders are extremely smart, but highly analytical. They like order and can be confused by meandering web architecture and deep links. So it's important to layout early on (before you begin designing) how your site will work. How will your pages interact? How does your navigation work? How deep do your links and categories go? Answer those questions now, and you can save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.

Keep in mind that your web visitor may enter from any page on your website. Search engines rely heavily on the contextual clues they receive from reader's interactions with your sites. They look for link sharing (called backlinks) from your visitors. If your visitors have no idea how to take the next step with your site because they entered on a page different than your home page, then they soon may leave without taking any action to propel your optimization forward. Design every page so that the navigation is clear and there are easy ways to get back to the obvious starting point. If it is a popular entry point, you may consider going even further and layering in some copy to help orient your new visitor.

Think of every page in your website as a new SEO opportunity. Too often, novice SEO marketers spend all of their time worrying about their home page alone. If this is you, you are missing many golden opportunities. Every page in your website can act as a calling card in search engines, so put effort into optimizing every single one. Then you'll have multiple ways that a visitor can discover you, increasing your traffic in the process.

Cross-promote your web pages internally. Some of your best marketing comes from you pointing out to readers that you have other content that they may like. These internal links can really increase the amount of page views you receive. The links also help search engines understand how your site is architected, especially for links that are pretty deep down in your overall map. When you mix internal links and external backlinking, you can get a very powerful recipe for web traffic and increased search engine rankings.

These beginning steps only scratch the surface of SEO. There is much more, like keywords and content strategy. As you master the tips above, keep researching for SEO help so that you can master it and propel your rankings forward.