An Update About Meta Tags

As usual the game rules change again.  Search Engines continue to set new rules and guidelines for writers to follow to help keep the garbage from being indexed on page one, two or three.

I've noticed a huge drop in my Infobarrel Adsense revenue but Infobarrel now has their own payment program and they updated their writing platform.  Infobarrel has a Keyword Density Issue statistic box to tell the article writer when they over use words in their content.  Infobarrel put this into place because the Search Engines have changed the rules again.  I find the Keyword Density tool helpful and have seen my writing style improve.

Hubpages too changed their writing platform but Hubpages removed their Tag capsule all together.  The only logical explanation I can see is that Search Engines focus on content and the Robots don't need to be told what Keywords/Tags/Labels are found in the content.  One less task required when writing content.

Keep in mind that each time rules and guidelines change it's to prevent the crap spam articles getting indexed to the top of the search page results.  In the past content farms and overly used Keywords/Tags/Labels in content over ranked quality articles, blogs and website content.

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Yes - Meta Tags Do Matter and why do they matter?  Meta Tags matter because without them Search Engines would not know what category to index articles, blogs and websites.  If you do not agree that Meta Tags Do Matter, let me explain why Meta Tags Do Matter when writing content.

I'm an article writer who writes articles using Revenue Sharing Websites available on the web.  Two of the Revenue Sharing Websites I write regularly at are Infobarrel and Hubpages.  Infobarrel and Hubpages both require Meta Tags Keywords (tags) and a Summary (description) to be added to each article written using their platform.  The reason why they REQUIRE IT is because Meta Tag Keywords (tags) and Descriptions (Summary) help the articles get indexed to the proper category within the SE.

Imagine going into a library and not being able to look up a book by author, topic or title.  If books were not categorized , it would be impossible to find the book you were looking for.

Another example Meta Tags are needed is when you use Youtube as a way to search for a video.  When I want to find out how to do something such as scrapbooking or handyman work around the house, I go to Youtube and type a Keyword or Phrase into the search field.  The video search results that populate usually match the keyword or phrase I typed into the search field.

Have you heard of blogger by google?  Google offers a blog platform as a free resource available to people who enjoy blogging about topics that interest them.  I have dozens of blogger blogs floating around the web and each time I create a new blog I need to add a blog Description (summary) and Labels (keywords, tags).  If I don't add a Description or Labels, the blog will never eventually get indexed into the Search Engines.  Blogger uses the term Labels to describe their Keywords.

When you are in the edit section of blogger you will also find in the Settings section SEARCH PREFERENCE.  Set the blog's search description.  Help users choose to click on your blog in search results by writing a compelling summary of what your blog is all about.  If you would like view the blogger platform, you can watch the video below to learn how to Search Engine Optimize a blog.

If you are not familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engines have Robots Spider HTML codes and content of articles, blogs and websites to determine the category to index the article, blog or website within the SE.

Iv'e read many articles, blogs and websites that speak about SE using or not using Meta Tag Descriptions or Keywords as a way to Search Engine Optimize (SEO).  Here is some food for thought.  If Meta Tags did not matter to SEO, do you think that successful Revenue Sharing Websites would suggest or require Summaries and Keywords (tags, labels) to be added to members articles?  Do you think that blogger offered by Google would not have a Description field or Label field?

I've written online since January 2009 and I've made it through the endless changes Search Engines have thrown at us writers.  When the Revenue Sharing Websites informed their hundreds of thousands of members to add a Summary to all of their articles you would have to think there had to be a reason.  The reason was because the Search Engines changed the game plan and the Revenue Sharing Websites had to follow the new game plan in order to stay indexed within the Search Engines.

The next time someone tells you that Meta Tags are not used as a form of SEO, you can now point out examples with proven facts.  Actions do speak louder than words.

I would like to add a Title that matches content of an article, blog or website does help with SEO and using Keywords within content of your article, blog or website does help too.  Don't SPAM but don't forget to at least use keywords at least once throughout your content.  All of these tips do help with SEO and I can say it works because I've learned through trial and error what works and what does not work when it comes to getting articles, blogs and websites indexed to the Search Engines.  I write to earn money online as an Adsense and Chitika Publisher and the more I practice the techniques I describe here the more I notice an increase to organice traffic and revenue earned.

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