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SEO Reports / Search engine optimization reports

If you own a website, then you will be surprised to notice a brand new way of getting information about your site if you also use a Google Analytics account. There is now a section called SEO or Search Engine Optimization reports.

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Where are the SEO reports located?

The SEO reports are located in a section called Traffic Sources. Website owners must have a Google Webmaster account in order to use this new feature. The SEO reports are geared to connect all of your web accounts and you get metrics from all but the last two days of actions. Here is what is in the SEO reports:

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A Query Report

When you access the query report it will show you the top 1,000 queries to your website and tack on things like numbers of impressions, amount of clicks, your average position and average click-through rate (CTR). Of note is the fact that the average position it mentions is not the same thing as a webpage’s Google ranking. What it actually stands for is instead the position of the impressions.

For example, Google calculates this average position by taking the rank of a query on your site and averaging it. So, if you had a query that ranked as number one and also ranked as number 2, then it would have an average position of 1.5.

Some aren’t sure this even means anything to webs owners since most would rather have their overall ranking, but it is one of the options to track with this new feature. However, you can tweak it by putting in some filters that will help you figure out if you are using the best keywords such as setting it to give you the results for whether the particular keyword ranked number one or two or whatever it is you are searching.

This can be very valuable so that you know which of your keywords is working best. The thing is that even so, the query reports don’t let you know which webpage the queries went to, so you may need to do some searching to figure this out so it can be used.

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Landing Pages Report

This report lets web owners see the amount of times their main landing pages showed up in search results. Again, it shows the average positions. And once again you can filter the results to show you things like if you had a low click through rate or if you had a high amount of impressions.

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Geographical Summary

This report shows web owners their impressions and the click through rates by country, which is great if your site is frequented by a lot of international clients. It also has a Google Properties report that shows if your website is going good for search results like for images, mobile and videos.

All in all, these SEO reports can be useful to web owners. It is always good to have as much data as possible regarding your websites so that you can keep track and keep up to date on the latest things that Google is doing and how they are ranking various trends and other factors.