If you want your webpage to be successful, you really have to work hard to monitor your SEO strategy.  SEO is the only way that you can ensure that your site is placing high on search engine searches.  One great way to ramp up your SEO efforts is to use online classified ads.  You can use these ads to integrate keywords and phrases as a part of your overall SEO strategy.  This can help you to quickly boost the SEO of your website.

Craigslist and Backpage are two great online classified ad sites that you can use for your SEO efforts.  These sites are both free and can really generate some great SEO results if you know how to word and post your ads properly.  If you want to use online classifieds for SEO purposes, Craigslist and Backpage are two of the best to use.

It is important that the ads you post to these sites will be community governed.  If you are unfamiliar with this term, it basically means that users of the site can flag inappropriate or misclassified ads for removal.  This keeps these sites from being clogged up with a lot of spam.  However, it can also mean that your ads could be occasionally removed for no reason at all.

If you want your ad to remain on the site and to not be flagged, you will need to work to carefully word your ad for optimal results.  Readers may flag your ads if they are worded to sound just like an advertisement.  Since your ad is technically an advertisement for your business, it is important to word it so that it sounds like an offering that can help others.  Show them how your business can meet their needs and what you can offer them.  This will result in a better response to the ad and less flagging and removal.  If your ad is removed, it will do little to help your website’s SEO.

Many that use Craigslist or Backpage for SEO try to pump their ads full of their web address.  This isn’t the most effective method.  State your purpose in the ad and then tack something onto the end that says something like, “For more information please visit www…”  With well written ads, you can benefit in multiple ways.  First, you may draw some viewers to your site that link from the classified site.  Second, your SEO will benefit from having more links out there. 

You can also toss a few keywords into your post for optimal SEO effectiveness.  Place one keyword in the title of the posting and again in the first sentence.  You can also use this same keyword a few times throughout the post.  Be sure that your post sounds readable.  No one likes a post that is heavily littered with keywords.  Using too many can quickly result in your ad being removed. 

Using free online classifieds can be a great way to drive traffic to your site while increasing your websites SEO.  While Craigslist and Backpage are two of the most popular sites, you may also find others that you like and choose to use.  Whichever sites you use, be sure that you first read their advertisement policies so that you can construct ads that adhere with their guidelines.  Remember that your ads won’t do you any good if they are quickly removed.