The term, "search engine optimization" or SEO has been creating quite the buzz lately, especially in the social media and small business circles. Many entrepreneurs on the rise are looking into SEO services because they have been told that it increases their visibility online and allows for new and unsuspecting shoppers to "stumble across" their website. While many people are familiar with the term, not many really understand the premise behind the marketing strategy, or do they understand how it works.

In laymen's terms, search engine optimization is a way of writing content on a website in order for any search engine to read and have it suggest to their users. The right keywords, tags and meta tags must be used on the website in order for a particular website to be search engine friendly. SEO experts also use link building, imagery, video, shopping carts and web design elements to increase their ranking on websites.

Here are some SEO tips for small businesses in order to increase their ranking and visibility on the Internet:

• Read as much as possible on the SEO topic. Invest in some books or even download e-books online to become familiarize about the marketing strategy. Even if the company decides to bring on an outside person to handle all of the SEO marketing and team, it is vital as a successful entrepreneur to know the ins and outs of the technique.

• While some online marketing strategies and techniques may display almost immediate results, SEO isn't an overnight spectacle. SEO takes time to develop and grow into a successful process. If there's an expectation that the website owner will see dramatic results in just a day or two, they will definitely be mistaken. It's important to work regularly on improving the website's SEO content.

• Invest in Internet Marketing in San Diego and a consistent web host provider that also understands SEO and can help the small business owner comprehend the importance of web presence. A reliable web host provider will also be able to configure the backside of a website, which will also increase the site's ranking. Before locking down a website name or blog, remember to choose the domain name very carefully to fully take advantage of search engines.

• The "About Us" section on a webpage is not only helpful for the consumer viewing the site for the first time, but also is a great outlet to properly use appropriate keywords. The Google Adwords Tool will become a great resource of information when it comes to determining keywords that will benefit the company's website. Be consistent with the keywords and content used on the website's headings, page descriptions and meta tags.

• Remember to make web content 100 percent unique. Search engines pick up on plagiarism, will flag the content and decrease its search engine ranking.

• Read up on using "Pay Per Click" accounts when starting to advertise the company. There are initial costs when setting up the account, but this system is also a great way to increase the website's visibility and attract new and interested customers to the business.