SEO and Keyword Research Tips for InfoBarrel

It took me 13 months to start earning money from InfoBarrel. This is my second InfoBarrel earnings report. Now, I'm making almost $1.50 per article and am excited by the progress. Learning how to make money online writing articles feels great when the articles start earning. Sharing writing tips helps others find success.  No one has to horde keyword research or search engine optimization (SEO) tips for writing articles at InfoBarrel.  My goals are learning how to apply keyword research and SEO techniques as I improve my writing.  There are a few basic principles I've learned about writing articles online.

  1. I am in control of my earnings.
  2. The articles hold the answers.  Look at my articles before blaming a site low (or no) earnings. (Website factors play a part, but earnings are tied to the articles)
  3. A site's earning potential cannot be judged accurately before writing a minimum of 20 SEO optimized articles. Write 100 SEO optimized articles before smack-talking a site to others.
  4. Diversify my writing portfolio (where I write, ways to earn)
  5. Keep learning.  Perseverance is key. Sign Up and Make Money Writing at InfoBarrel

Tips for New InfoBarrel Writers - Learn Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research

New writers need to focus on writing articles. Search engine optimization is a tool that helps an article rank higher in the search engines, something essential for making money online. Read about SEO,  learn keyword research, and write articles.  Start writing about familiar topics.  Put the topic (keyword) in the article title, headings, and use it a few times throughout the article.  Check spelling and use proper capitalization in article title and body.  Set up an Adsense URL channel to track IB articles. Pre-approved members can use Google Analytics.  Make sure to link Adsense to Analytics to get Adsense data in Analytics and access the best stats.

SEO Link Building Strategies - Backlink, Interlink, and Natural Backlinks

A backlink is a one way link to an article or website.  Search engines, especially Google, count backlinks as "votes" for your article.  Backlinks can improve search engine ranking and page rank (PR).  Natural backlinks are the best type of backlink.  A natural backlink is when someone links to your content because they like or dislike it.  Write interesting, funny, and helpful articles to attrach natural backlinks and reposts on social networking sites.  Interlink related articles you've written.  Quality backlinks are better than quantity backlinks.

Backlink Tips -- Do not submit an article to a social networking site without reading it or checking ads for relevancy.  Wait at least 24 hours so Google ad bots can crawl the article otherwise you risk passing around an article with mismatched ads.  If your Google Adsense ads do not match your article topic take a look at the keyword density with a free keyword density tool.

Two sites I use for backlinking: 

  1. Seekyt:  Revenue share site 70% on all ad spots.  Pros:  Do follow contextual links, 400 word minimum, SEO optimized site, great admin, Adsense and Amazon revenue, stats from Google Analytics. Cons:  None really.  Admin is open to feedback and helping people succeed. Go check out Seekyt, sign up, and start earning.  
  2. Infopirate: Post web tips (mini articles). Pros: Excellent site, 80% revenue share, do follow backlinks, great earning potential.  Cons: Contextual links in blogs are no follow.  Read their content terms. No duplicate content or titles.  I've had a $10 day at Infopirate and earned $17 in November. Use Infopirate for backlinking and rev share. 

Do not use your Adsense ID on every backlinking site (see comments).  Manual backlinks are frowned upon by Google, so attaching your Adsense ID to every backlink is counterproductive. Natural backlinks are the best type of backlink.  When the majority of backlinks are manually made it does not look good and can lower your earnings, especially when you use social bookmarking sites with questionable content.  I use revenue share sites like Seekyt, Hubpages, InfoPirate, etc. to backlink articles because I can also earn money.

Adsense Click Stats - Conversion Keywords

Google Adsense clicks stats are under the "content" tab in Analytics.  The Adsense stats show earnings for keywords and articles.  The top Adsense content tab shows which article made the most money.  Look for conversion keywords so you can learn what works.  A converting keyword is a search query that resulted in article earnings via an ad click.  Use the following steps to find Adsense click stats for articles, keywords, and backlinks (referrers).

1. Top Adsense content.

Click the Content tab --> Adsense --> top Adsense content.  The list shows the articles with the highest earnings and its stats (CTR, eCPM, Adsense ads clicked, etc.).

  • November 2010 InfoBarrel Earnings: $293.56 total earnings
  • Top views = 651
  • Highest Adsense Day = $21.05 vs. lowest Adsense Day = $0.78 (Adsense earnings fluctuate)
  • Adsense - $235.01; Chitika - $18.25; Amazon - $40.30
  • My Adsense earnings are 35.3% higher than October InfoBarrel earnings. It's important to note that my total page impressions in November were 20,000 less than October because of seasonal articles.

2. Top Adsense referrers

Click content --> Adsense --> top Adsense referrers.  This list is important because it shows earnings from outside traffic, such as backlinks (natural and created), bookmarking, and other websites.  Look at the Adsense page impressions as well as the earnings.

  • November Earnings: $21.89 plus over 1,000 page impressions from these referring sites. Awesome. Earning $20/month from made and organic backlinks is success. Adsense referral traffic shows that backlinks work.

3. Best keyword(s) and landing pages Use the image below to help you.

To find the exact keywords that resulted in earnings, go to top Adsense content. Click "none" (above article titles) then choose "keyword" from the drop menu. 

Repeat for top Adsense referrers, but choose "landing page" from the drop down menu.  The landing page is the article the referring site landed on.  These are backlinks.

 Find Conversion Keywords Using Google AnalyticsCredit: jpwriter







Writer's stats vary based on their SEO, number of articles, backlinking strategies, keyword research, topic choice, and much more. Use analytical data to increase InfoBarrel earnings.

  • I don't share my highest or lowest CPC or CTR keywords. Keywords are the individual meat, and I've seen too many other hungry writers steal from the plates of their colleagues. Because of this, I don't recommend sharing your highest CTR keyword(s). Some writers share this and their highest paid articles, but I've seen too many coincidental articles pop up, so I do not.

SEO Tips and Keyword Optimization for Writing at InfoBarrel

The percentage increase for November wasn't huge because I'm earning more money. The earnings above are InfoBarrel earnings only.  My total online earnings were around $600.  I hope sharing some of these tips about search engine optimization and keyword optimization helps you learn and find success writing articles on InfoBarrel. Use these SEO tips on others sites, too.

Perseverance and learning SEO are keys to earning money at InfoBarrel.  Remember, I did not earn on InfoBarrel for over 13 months. Perhaps it's the record for zero earnings and sticking with InfoBarrel.  Once I discovered why I wasn't earning, I applied new SEO techniques and it paid off.  Now, I earn daily from InfoBarrel, but I never expect it.  Expectations lead to disappointment.  Writing online is volatile with many variables as seen by the $20 earnings fluctuation. 

InfoBarrel is a transparent revenue share website run by excellent admin, plus we have an incrediblly helpful forum community, so sign up. Don't pay attention to negative reviews written by members who failed to learn how to earn on InfoBarrel.  You can make money writing articles on InfoBarrel if you learn keyword research and search engine optimization.

One More Quick Tip About Earnings and Views

Check for plagiarism any time views or earnings suddenly drop. Content theft is rampant.  When someone copies your article it's plagiarism (even if link to it), so check articles for plagiarism periodically.

Keep writing, ask questions, set goals, find patience, and lets earn money.

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