Blogging is a much more difficult task than many writers believe. In order to make money from the endeavor you have to work. Having the right information on hand makes the job a lot easier. As a newbie to the blogging world find out about SEO or search engine optimization which is key to any plan of blogging for money.

The better search engine optimization a piece of content or blog post has the more readers will visit because the higher a search engine will rank a page of content. Having the right tools and tips to work with makes the job easier and your blog's visual appeal better.

There are assumptions that many beginners to the blogging profession or running a website will make which may not be correct. Incorrect assumptions hurt the success of your plan for making money through this endeavor. Read through these tips to gather information to make your venture into the profession the best possible.

Make more unique content

  • Duplicate or content that is not unique will never outrank unique content with search engines. Newbies will generally copy content. This is a new blogger’s error and usually not intentional. Create as much unique content as possible. The more posted online, the more readers will see your blog and the more money you can expect to earn.

Be careful if you create material for article writing sites and directories that you don’t use the same work for your blog or website posts. A better move than putting the same material on your page is setting up a small unique introduction piece of work and linking the two together. Direct your readers to the article or post link to read more after an intro.

Making a new site rank better

  • New sites generally do not rank high. This means they are very visual to readers searching for information. In order to make yours work better, use great keywords, keyword phrases and related tools. More one of a kind keywords, phrases and innovative subject matter and other material will certainly help the cause. Additionally, the more posts a site or blog has, the better your page rank will become and the faster traffic  will increase to your blog which puts more earnings in your pocket.

Generally after being online for six months or more search engines will begin to rank a site or blog enough to gain a decent amount of traffic. There are always exceptions to every rule and you could outrank others in your same niche with wonderful layouts, pictures, material and overall terrific posts.

Making your domain name better

  • Identify a  keyword or short two-word phrase which has a great number of searches and little material online inside of your niche. Locate these in your domain name. This will make sure that your target audience will find your blog they receive responses to their queries. Domain names that are extremely long or large make it hard to remember for readers and do not rank as well. Quick names that are easy to remember receive more visits more often. This helps increase consecutive visits and builds an audience.

Making your content better

  • You can find great keywords for any relevant information for your niche from all over the web. Use online tools to find fantastic ones inside of your niche. A number of free ones are found around the internet which can make finding good ones easier for nearly any article or post on a blog or website.  
  • Great phrases are better for increasing your traffic than simply using keywords alone. Many beginners will choose fantastic keywords and forget about the phrases. Phrases help narrow down the competition for the same content. This means more traffic for you.
  • Make certain to aim your title at finding readers. Titles for your posts are important. You should try to include at least two keywords in each title if not more. Not only are titles reflected in search engine rankings, but some web browsers also display them while readers are blogging pages.
  •  Back links make SEO work as well. Back links are one of the most important steps  according to many bloggers. Linking your relevant content to other great works of writing will increase your search engine page rank (PR) for both posts as well as make your readers experience better. An audience pleased with what you present to them will come back for more.


Back links from blogs or sites that have a higher ranking than yours will link to your blog and increase your rank. This does not mean that those that have a lower PR will hurt. However, the higher they are the better.

Find blogs that are like your blog's niche and guest post to build back links or comment on one them in order to create back links to your content. Back links are what search engines love for your PR.

 Make certain your site or blog loads correctly

  • Believe it or not you can increase your traffic by having web pages that load faster. Bots that crawl your content like web pages that load faster. Bots is a recent website search engine optimization measure. Check the speed at which your blogs pages load. Remember that some types of advertisements on your blog could slow down loading time. Generally ones that move or blink cause delays with loading.

Build more than one

  • If you are really excited with your efforts and have the time and resources build more than one. This is wonderful for a number of reasons. By crafting more than one you have a resource to build links between the two. You are also able to write more great unique content without overposting to one blog entity.
  • When deciding to build more than one make certain the niche or title is not identical but close to one another. Having related blogs makes linking material together easier.
  • If you decide to go outside of the original niche and construct something unrelated, do not worry. It can still be successful and surprisingly you may find related posts to connect.

In Conclusion

These are tips that can help a newbie blogger use search engine optimization to increase their blog page rank and make their content easier to find by search engines. Tips and techniques for newbie bloggers using seo tools are important for increasing how popular the blog is and getting more income from your blogging endeavor.

learning seo for a newbie blogger is a little time consuming, but certainly worth it

learning seo for a newbie blogger is a little time consuming, but certainly worth it

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