Facebook Marketing: The Easy Ways

If you are into Facebook marketing, it is important that you know about edge rank. It has become the ideal platform for new start ups to promote there business through the platform.  Facebook can help you to do proper social media marketing. The number of Facebook users is increasing day by day so it can be a great place for promoting a company or product.

When checking Facebook news feeds, you might have noticed that only a few fans and friends news are displayed in there. Edge ranking is the system that creates these news feed. This ranking system is actually an algorithm of Facebook that manage this list. All the comment, share, like, tag or any Facebook content is related with Edge. The algorithm monitors the attention each content gets and this affects the ranking. When contents are shared, liked and commented widely by other Facebook users, it gets higher edge rank and is placed in Fans’ and friends’ news feed.

All the posts you see or create are not actually seen by all your friends or fans. Only a few of them gets to see the posts you create. Perfect timing is the reason behind it. These ranking also depend on the type of content. If you post a video content, it will rank higher than just a simple text message. Posting contents on perfect time can help you to get your contents Edge ranking. Recently made posts get more attention than the older ones.

If all the stories get access to the news feed, it will create a mess. So, if you want to get your content Edge ranking, you have to understand this algorithm first. As this algorithm is changing the news feed every now and then, companies are finding it difficult to promote their product or company. However, don’t worry if you also own a small company as there are some ways you can follow to promote your small business.

Create post with picture and video to grab attention of users. If people start to share your content with others, you can expect to get higher edge rank. This also boosts your ranking among all the fans you already have. You have to do the entire thing in a very short amount of time if you want to rank top in both top and recent stories. But remember, this process requires you to keep up a perfect balance and to avoid spamming.

Your fans won’t notice your posts if most of them are spam. Try to post contents that meet their demands and wait for their comments. Now that you know all about Edge Rank, you can start to promote your business. But before you take any step, discuss everything with a Facebook management professional and create a course of action that can greatly boost your Edge Rank and promotion plan.