By the way I’m going to use the theme “dog grooming”  to demonstrate SEO topics

 Let’s start

Logo image title and alt tags – incorporate your site’s main keywords into images without being spammy or misleading to readers with screen readers. For example if an image on your site leads to a science section then have the following in the alt and title

“Dog treat sections – feeding and healthy treat articles"

Rank for next level keywords – This means you want to rank for keywords that are related to your main target keywords and your sites overall theme.So for our dog grooming website we would have a cat grooming section or a dog competition sections.

Internal Pages

  • The main

    Heading should reflect the pages content as best as possible.

  • A paragraph of keyword rich text right under the main heading is noticed by search engines
  • Breadcrumbs are internal link opportunities that contain keywords

Do this:

Dog grooming home > Food and treats for your dog >>Teeth – what treats to give your dog for healthy teeth and gums

Not this:

Home  >> Food >> teeth

 Search engine friendly URLs – Useful for social media sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook because people are more inclined to share friendly links

 Internal Linkage importance – Footer and header links are very important to a search engine, plus they give your readers an extra option for navigating your site without being obtrusive. For links to pages like privacy or contact reduce their relevance compared to your important links by using no-index / or in the sitemap tell search engines not to follow them.

 Titles – titles should be unique as possible for each page

  • Should be based on the highest targeted keyword with  the least competition
  • Should be relevant to the actual page content and your readers

Long tail keywords - Not as important overall as your main keywords but important for getting extra targeted traffic. E.g.

Main keyword phrase – “Dog grooming tips”

Long tail keywords – “Products to use when grooming your dog”

Users who search for more specific terms are more likely to buy something from your site or become a reader because you clearly have a website that matches their interests.

Long term strategies – Long term link building is critical – Steadily build up your backlinks by submitting to article directories, website directories, commenting on blogs, requesting links back, press releases and most importantly have a great website that people will naturally link to blog on your site