Being interested in article marketing for quite some time, I started a blog related to SEO article writing and how to tweak articles to make more money on the Internet. It was not until well into the project that I realized the importance of SEM in relation to SEO. What are SEO and SEM you may ask?

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is the method of adding keywords to online publications with the intention of these publications ranking better in the search engines. When SEO was first started, there was very little competition for the most simple keywords. If your niche was about auto parts, you could use the term auto parts as your keyword a few times per article and, VOILA, you are #1 in Google (and other important search engines.) Then the world recognized the power of SEO and the keywords got longer and longer.

Keywords today are referred to as short tail and long tail keywords. The longer the keyword phrase, the less likely the competition will have started getting tough for that phrase. There is also the trick of misspelling the keyword with a common misspelling to attract more hits, but I digress.

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. Search engine marketing is the process of article marketing with the sole intention of ranking higher on the search engine rankings page. Let's break this down to make it easier to understand.

Step 1 - An article is written for the Internet with the keywords for your niche.

Step 2 - The article is published and the search engines find the article easily.

Step 3 - Marketing the article via article submission websites, blogs and social networking pushes the popularity of the article.

Step 4 - More people visit your article than your competition's article.

Step 5 - You have a higher ranking when Internet users search for your keyword.

Step 6 - You get more hits and you make more money.

Tweet Tweet!

Why do I need a Twitter Account...

If you ever wondered that question - refer to steps 1 to 6 above. While there are some social networks that are more popular than others, each time you post a link to your article on even the most vague social network, that is a link the search engines will find. The more links to your article, the better the article will appear to the search engines and the higher your article will rank when the keyword is searched.

SEO and SEM work together to make the Internet a place where money can be made. Whenever a fellow writer asks, "Can I really make money online?", I laugh out loud.

The tools are there!
The tools are free!
The money is waiting to hit your bank account, as long as you understand that SEO is the identical twin of SEM and they need each other to work!