Many people know that article writing is one way to make money online. However, they fail to understand that creative writings cannot make much money.

If you are interested in making money online through writing, you must engage in seo content writing.

What is seo content writing? How is it different from the usual article writing method?

Seo content writing uses the search engine optimization methods in writing articles.

That means the important keywords are repeated in many parts of the articles. When you read an article on the newspaper and a similar article online, you will find that the article online uses the keywords more often.

Seo content writing means to write articles in such a way that search engine robots know what the article is all about.

That is why you notice that many seo content writers do not use It, They, Them so frequently.

For example, when you write an article about making money online for the offline market, you can write as:

Making money online is possible with the advance of Internet. It becomes a passion for people around the world.

If you use seo content writing method, the sentences will appear as:

Making money online is possible with the advance of Internet. Making money online becomes a passion for people around the world.

Do you see the difference?

Seo content writing makes article lengthy through the repetitive use of keywords.

If you are not used to seo content writing, you need to train yourself for it. You can write normally, and edit the articles later.

Many readers feel that the quality of articles online is not as high as articles offline. It is true in one sense. Seo content writing does encourage people to produce articles for quantity without quality.

Why is it so?

Many people use seo content writing for the sake of article marketing.

They have one good article in their blog. They will write a few low-quality articles for the sake of providing incoming links to the good article.

Since many people use seo content writing for this purpose, you will find that there is just one good article for every 100 articles published online.

Another problem of seo content writing is the length of the article.

We learnt about summarizing articles in school. We learnt about picking up the key points and use bullet points.

However, this method does not work in seo content writing. The fact that search engine robots count the occurrence of keywords mean you need to write a longer article, so that you can use repetitive keywords often.

The common keyword density is 3%. If you use keyword density of 3%, you need to write an article of 1000 words in order to use the keyword 30 times.

If your article is just a 100 words article, that has no seo value. Your article will not appear in search engine page.

Since that is the way the search engine robots work, many writers tend to write articles of 800 words to 1000 words.

Some writers even go beyond that to extend the article to 1500 words or even 2000 words.

That is why seo content writing tends to produce long-winded articles. You may think that 50 words is enough to summarize the main points. You may think that it is a waste of time stretching 50 words into 1000 words.

If that is the case, you do not really understand how search engine crawls, index and display the article in search engine result page.

You cannot make money with seo content writing if you do not know the basic search engine optimization techniques.

The only way to change this trend is when search engine robots learn to appreciate the value of short and concise article.

That may never happen at all. If that happens, short tweets from Twitter will dominate the search engine result page.

Are you keen to write articles online for money? Learn seo content writing. Go against your natural instinct of writing short and sweet notes. Learn to stretch the article to 400 words and beyond.

Seo content writing does help you to make money online. There are many people who can earn monthly pay check from Google Adsense through seo content writing.