Increase traffic to your site

increase page views

Getting visitors once your site or article is published can be ominous. Here are a few tips to increase exposure, get Internet browsers to your site, by pointing them in the right direction and increase page views. Optimize the traffic to your site and make more money.

Okay, a short lesson in SEO, easy to understand one page tutorial for basic SEO.
That's Search Engine Optimization, which will incease traffic to your site and put you on the road to accomplishing your goals.

When your article or site is published, here's an example, copy the URL:
And post it at these major search engines: Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Then it becomes indexed with Dogpile.
Here are the URL posting sites:

YAHOO, you'll have to create an account:

Bing, no account needed:


Set up bookmark accounts:
I use Snipsly and  Stumbleupon.

Read information on StumbleUpon, a smart Internet marketng tool for increasing traffic to your site.

Earn money from Snipsly with Google Adsense.

Market your site or URL for increased page views:

Make bookmarks, use a different title at each bookmark site, like "how to make homemade mustard" and write just a few sentences for each article, enter the original URL in the bookmark space as a link. Do not reuse your first paragraph, but instead write a few sentences, using your keywords.

You can also link your photo on Snipsly to your original article's URL. On all the bookmarks, you'll have to choose tags, or keywords, which you will use in your bookmark. Do not copy word for word from your original piece. Write something different for each bookmark to increase traffic and page views.

Then publish the bookmark from each site, copy and submit that URL to the three search engines, Yahoo, Bing, and Google. So in reality when someone searches for homemade mustard, your article will be revealed under the bookmarks and the InfoBarrel URLs, but all with different titles, pointing to your original article.

So maybe you'll have:
"How to make homemade mustard"
"Make your own mustard"
"Homemade mustard recipe"

all pointing to your original URL:

"Homemade Mustard"

It takes about a half an hour to do each article. But it makes a difference.

When you Tweet your article, use hashmarks (#), like this: #mustard-recipe #condiment 

Remove language, keep it short and sweet, enhance your URL with extra #contacts. Also, Tweet more than once at different times for different time zone readers. This makes a difference. Use to shorten your URLs and schedule tweets at different times and various days. Post the original URL on your Facebook page and Google+.

This SEO tutorial, basic SEO, search engine optimization, should lead to more page views and more money.