SIFE stands for Students in Free Enterprise. I attended SIFE for one semster at San Diego City College. San Diego City College is a community college in downtown San Diego. When I first attended SIFE, I was very hopeful. They had a Business Resource Center which was like a business and students would get to help fun the business.

The Business Resource Center(often nicknamed the BRC for short) was hardly run like a business at all and students did little more than hang out to fulfill their need for SIFE hours. There was no attempt to maximize profits of the BRC. There was usually only one employee working at the BRC at a time. The rest of the students just worked on independent assignments in the back.

In a real business setting there would've been an attempt to maximize productivity and there would've been meetings about how to improve profits. At the beginning of the course, it was alluded that classes would eventually be like business meetings but that never happened. Most of the class was devoted to lectures on topics like ethics.

SIFE was also intended to help students find jobs and improve their businesses. Little was done in this regard and most of the projects were designed to help SIFE and to do what was necessary to improve SIFE. For example, SIFE students gave presentations to the class on things like attitude to prepare to give these presentations to middle school kids. Giving presentations to middle school kids would be great if you are interested in finding a job in education or some other social services position. It would do little to help you find a job in business, technology, or science.

The biggest favor that a job seeker can receive is to have an opportunity to speak to people outside of human resources. As is often said in the job seeking world, the goal of human resources is to exclude people not to include people. SIFE has several corporate sponsors. Why set your goals at giving presentations for middle school students? Why not give presentations to a corporation like AT&T which is one of SIFE's sponsors. Sure most employees are busy but I think if you persistently called. You might be able to schedule a lunch presentation. Then you would have the opportunity to impress people in the company which could help you get a job in the future.

So, in my opinion, SIFE is a good place to go if you are interested in a social services job or love giving charity. I also recommend that SIFE change it's name to something more descriptive of what actually occurs like SFBT(Students for a Better Tomorrow). You can even change the definition of the acronym like Students In Finding Equality to allude to the fact that the organization is more charity based than business based.