Leg and Butt Toning and Strengthening Exercise

As a baseball player, I was always told that legs and a strong core (abdominals, chest and back) are foundational to a great athlete. Even though I am a guy, I have always been given great compliments for having good-looking legs and a "bubble butt." Because of these assets, other players that I have played with or coached and clients  at my job as a trainer ask me "what can I do to get my legs stronger?" or women usually ask, "what exercises can I do to tone up my legs and butt?" Up to this point, I have noticed that they both go hand in hand with each other. In order to get them tone, you will have to do exercises that will also get them stronger. Anyways,  after being asked these questions dozens of time, I have figured out that one hundred percent of the time my answers is, "lunges," which I will explain how to do in the following paragraphs. As a kid I remember doing these with my traveling and high school baseball team. Even more weird, I used to do these on my own when no one was around, because as a catcher (player with the gear that squats down behind the batter), I needed super strong legs. Also, I would like to add that a healthy-balanced diet and an overall active lifestyle will speed up your goal-accomplishments in this area tremendously.

Before starting this and any type of physical activity, it is important to warm up one's muscles, which can easily be done by taking a 3 to 5 minute walk by the house or on a tread mill. Also, one must wear the proper type of clothing so that one doesn't get hurt. If you have access to someone who knows about body conditioning then allow them to help you on achieving good technique. If done correctly, this is a relatively save exercise. So, let's go at it:

Proper technique


1. Stand up straight in good posture. Hands at the waist, if nto using any wieths (Recommended for beginners).

  -  If a beginner, I recommend to do this exercise next to something sturdy just in case one needs a spot (something to grab on for help). A rail or a fence will do great for this.

2. Stride forward with right foot (not too close to the left nor too far. Happy Medium.)

  - In this move, one does not want the front knee to pass the front toes because too much pressure will be applied  on the font knee and increases the chances of the knee getting hurt. Therefore, it is important to keep one's weight evenly distributed.

3. Now, bend both knees so that the left knee (back knee) is almost touching the floor. Remember to keep the right (front) knee behind the toes.

  - Feel free to grab on to the spotting object if one needs to.

4. Rise up putting most of the pressure on the right (front) heel to ensure good balance and not allowing that knee to pass the toes.

  - If it's a beginner, then stay in that same position for 5 to 10 repetitions (depending on person's strength level), and then switch feet to have the same effect on the other leg after the set is complete.

  - If intermediate or advance, then with the same momentum one uses to rise up, bring the feet back together and alternate legs as if walking. This action requires more balance, stability and core strength.

5. For intermediate and advance strength, step forward with left (opposite) foot and repeat 1 through 4.

I recommend to increase intensity every week (if one started by doing 1 set of 8 repetitions, then the next week do 1 set of 8 and 1 set of 4, and so forth) Vary it and do not get bored. This is simple, painful but fun, and even better when you start getting the shape you want.

remember to cool down and stretch out after finishing your work outs for less soreness the next days. I will be releasing more articles on proper ways to stretch out and  to work out your abs and even more simple butt and legs exercises that will have heads turning.

Thanks and until next time.

Credit: NIKE