I doubt any of us enjoy getting hair shampoo in our eyes, but what exactly are we subjecting our eyes to? Studies demonstrate that shampoos including the chemical Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, or SLS as it is more generally referred to, might inhibit your children's eyes from developing properly. Children under six years old are specifically vulnerable to poor eye development and it is advisable to do all you can to minimize any contact with SLS they might possibly have. SLS has also been been proven to cause cataracts in adults and can delay the healing of wounds in the surface of the cornea. SLS can still permeate the cornea even without immediate contact as SLS has a very low molecular weight which means it is very quickly absorbed into the body's system.

Hair shampoos made from SLS are commonly cited as a factor when scalp irritability is experienced. If you have itchy or flaky skin on your scalp you may well want to look into an SLS free shampoo. SLS is frequently used in lab experiments to purposely stimulate skin irritations. Yes, we are treating ourselves like lab rats everytime we lather up under the shower. It is a penetration enhancer, which means that SLS makes it easier for other undesirable chemical substances, such as parabens or synthetic fragrances, found in a multitude of shampoos, are likewise more easily absorbed into the human body. SLS penetrates our systems not solely through absorption into the skin but also via breathing and swallowing. Build-ups of SLS have been identified in heart, brain and liver tissues where these can result in health difficulties. If it is in your shampoo, it will be hard to avoid.

SLS damages hair follicles, hampering fresh, re-growth. This makes thick, healthy tresses near impossible to achieve. The remedy is to try out natural, organic hair shampoos that are both SLS free and do not include a combination of dangerous chemical substances. These days there are many beneficial hair products on the market that compare favourably with the capabilities of ordinary hair shampoos. These days most SLS free shampoos are far superior, high end products which will achieve marvelous results and contrary to ordinary shampoos will not coat locks with any chemical build-up or deprive it of natural, beneficial oils.

SLS is inexpensive to synthesize and produce and is therefore in demand with manufacturers of beauty and cleaning products, yet unfortunately products, such as traditional shampoos and conditioners, which usually utilize SLS are injurious to the ecosystem in a variety of ways. It goes without saying any chemicals we are flushing out down drains and pipes will likely find their way into water courses and eventually delicate ecosystems. The damage caused is not often immediately recognizable, but damaging problems build up over time and take their toll on flora and fauna. While less costly to produce, the manufacturing of chemicals is energy intensive compared to using environmentally sound products. However, the overarching grounds for seeking to benefit from SLS free shampoo and conditioner is that palm oil is increasingly used as a base for the chemical. Palm oil plantations are now one of the greatest threats to the world's remaining rainforests. People need to be more aware of how widely palm oil is used in both food and cosmetic products. It is not necessary and there are alternatives, good alternatives, available.