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Review of SOREL Joan Of Arctic Leather Wedge Boots

Be protected yet look stunning even during winter. We need not sacrifice style even when functionality is our top priority. In winter, there is a pressing need to be warm and yet we also love to look good. These factors make SOREL's Women's Joan Of Arctic Leather Wedge Boots among the favorites of boot lovers. This sleek pair of boots, made from soft full-grain leather with outsoles of molded rubber provide comfort and ample protection for the feet and legs against the winter weather. Since 1962, SOREL has been in manufacturing high quality boots built to withstand the different seasons, most particularly the harsh elements of winter outdoors.

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The design of Women's Joan Of Arctic Leather Wedge Boots looks sexy yet tough with its lace-up elements. The 15-inch shaft that runs down to the leather-covered wedge offers a stylish look that can be worn with pants, a skirt, a dress, or shorts, plus, the wedge heel makes legs look longer and slimmer.  The lacing allows for easy adjustment to fit different calf and leg sizes, while the molded rubber outsoles provides excellent traction for treading on various types of terrain. For a pair of heeled boots, it's amazing that you can walk and actually work in these boots all day and not feel sore.  Don't worry about the length of the laces, these are easy to tie and easy to remove.

I agree with most women who have worn this pair of boots to the claim that this pair makes legs look amazing.  If there is one eye-catching element of style to wear, considering the bulky winter clothes, you can depend on these boots to draw compliments. They look great with tucked jeans or paired with a leather bag or coat. Looking expensive and stylish, you can flaunt these boots anywhere.

Depending on the leg and ankle shape, somehow the soft leather causes bunching around the ankle areas. Other wearers do not find this an issue. In terms of size and fitting, SOREL's Women's Joan Of Arctic Leather Wedge Boots may come a size bigger than expected. If you are to order online and you are a size 9, then a size 8 will fit you snugly.  Worn with a thick sock, the big size of SOREL works just fine.  The suede lining may be too thin to provide enough insulation for some wearers, thus,  thick socks would be needed in this case.

SOREL's Women's Joan Of Arctic Leather Wedge Boots are available from the SOREL website and at various online and physical store outlets worldwide.