Drunk driving is something that could cost you your life or turn you into a killer. It's so easy to drink and drive, that some of us can't refrain from doing it, although they should consider the consequences of their decision. Truth is that alcohol increases our self confidence, it makes us rely more on our powers and that's why it may generate severe damages and unforgettable events. In legal terms, drunk driving is known as DUI or DWI (driving under influence or driving with influence) and it's a serious felony which most probably would get your driving license suspended. Other consequences of a DUI conviction relate to the monetary side of life: you'll have to pay the fine, the car towing, the DMV fee for reissuing your license, the cost of alcohol education classes, and if you want things to go smoothly, you'll also have to pay a not so small fee for a good DUI attorney.

If you thought that was all, please note that you'll also notice an increase in your car insurance premiums, because you'll belong into the high risk drivers category and carriers usually charge such clients more than common ones. This is the happy case when they don't cancel your policy for good. If your insurance provider doesn't accept DUI convicted customers, then you need to find another company within your area of residence that does, in order to obtain your SR22 filing which would allow you to get your driving license reinstated sooner.

SR22 is a form that you may need to obtain from the insurance company in order to prove that your car insurance covers the minimum liability imposed by local laws. However, this is not mandatory in all states, so if you are in this situation, check with your local Department of Motor Vehicle to see if you need a SR22 car insurance after a DUI or after other felonies such as multiple speed tickets, driving without insurance or multiple accident claims. If they say you need the SR22 filing, then you'll have to start collecting auto insurance quotes from several carriers, in order to be able to compare prices and coverage terms and to determine which one is the most advantageous for you.

Something more: whenever you drink and feel like you'd like to rule the world, please let your car where it's parked and call yourself a cab. It's a much better choice for us all, so may you never need a SR22 auto insurance.