Auto InsuranceDepending upon the state you live in you may have to file an SR22 insurance form with the State Department of Motor Vehicles. A person may need to file the form if they are convicted of a DWI, DUI, or are involved in an accident where they were not insured. An SR22 filing is also required in cases where a driver is found to be driving without insurance. Drivers who (are classified as high risk) have accumulated many traffic violations may in some states be required to file the SR22 form.

The SR22 form is a form that your insurance company will file, for a fee, to notify the DMV in your state that you are complying with a court order. The SR22 also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility proves that you are doing what your state law mandates. Regulations vary from state to state , but, if you are notified by the court, and need the SR22 you must file one without delay. Failure to comply with a court order will get your drivers license suspended, and may result in jail time.

SR22 Facts

Don't Drink and DriveIf you are required to file an SR22 and you move to a new state you must continue your SR22 coverage in the state where you have the violation. Some insurance companies will continue to file on your behalf, however, restrictions may apply.

You must carry the states limit for liability insurance in the state where you received the traffic violation. If the state you move to requires a lower limit, you must take the minimum insurance coverage of the state that requires the Certificate of Financial Responsibility.

If you allow your SR22 insurance coverage to lapse your drivers license will be suspended again. Your insurance company is required by law to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately when your status becomes non-compliant.

An SR22 is valid as long as your insurance policy is valid. If you wish to change insurance companies you should do so before you file the SR22. Traffic convictions that result in an SR22 filing status will require that coverage to be kept a minimum of 2 years. Some states will mandate an SR22 insurance coverage for no less than 3 years.

SR22 Filing

breath testA driver required to carry SR22 coverage needs to contact their insurance company or one in the state that is authorized to write SR22 policies. You can contact your local insurance company to find out if they sell these policies. If you do not have insurance, and need to file an SR22, the easiest way to obtain insurance coverage is contacting an insurance company online.

Insurance companies who sell insurance online will contact you with their insurance rate quotes. SR22 insurance coverages are more expensive than a normal policy because of the risk involved. If you accept the insurance rate of the company it is important to submit payment immediately. An insurance company can not begin the SR22 filing process until after they have received payment in full. Insurance companies will require a full payment( 6 months) for the insurance policy.

An insurance company may charge a one time filing fee for SR22 insurance coverage. It is very important that a driver does not let this coverage lapse. Drivers license suspension fees, and the fees involved in re-filing an SR22 can be expensive.

Traffic Violation SR22A person who has SR22 insurance coverage should renew the policy 45 days in advance of a renewal. Some states require the insurance company to contact the DMV, with a notice of non-compliance, 15 days before insurance coverage is going to expire. A driver can avoid additional fees and hassle by automatically renewing their insurance coverage. Insurance companies will give you the option to automatically renew coverage if you have a credit card or bank account on file.