Try getting them in the ground between October15 to November 15, that is the time frame I try to use. But if you can't get to them at that time, you can push it to December 15, although their stems will be shorter, and the blooms not as large as those eariler planted bulbs.

Now some people like to obtain an even result from tulip plantings. That is when all flowers are the same height and all of one kind are blooming together and being the same size. Planting good quality, even sized bulbs of one variety at the correct season and setting them all at the same depth.

Some people are not sure how deep to plant the tulip bulbs. I feel that 10 or 12 inches deep is good, this prevents the tulips splitting planted up and saves you the task of digging and separating them every 2 to 3 years. Large bulbs may do well ith their bases at this depth, but shallower planting is usually more advisable if bulbs are small, also always remember good drainage is a must for deep planting.

Alot of people like the larger tulip blooms, and the way to get them is plant only top size bulbs. These are found at reputable dealers. First thing is fertilize each September with 5lbs of fertilizer to each 100 sq. ft. of bed.Water freely during dry periods in spring. Do not remove leaves when cutting flowers. Remove faded flower heads to prevent seed production. Never remove leaves or dig bulbs until tops have dried completely.

However you always have the largest tulip flowers the first spring after planting. After that the flowers tend to get smaller as the bulbs split. One solution is to treat the bulbs as "annuals". Discard after blooming, plant new top size bulbs in the fall.