STEM, an educational experience in Colombia


In early 2004, I Alexandro Gonzalez at the University Corporation Minuto de Dios, design an educational process called "LAN", which sought to give teachers inspiring tools especially in my degree program in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Technology and Informatica. This experience could be linked to the productive sector, allowing students to draw on a to do with clear objectives for their lives.

This is where my concern to improve processes, skills, standards and new technologies in school I allowed to study neuroscience programs, and apply evidence from the graphic design, which resulted in response pedagogy and theory of the imagination, as the first process rational thinking human being.

From this study of observation in the classroom, I found STEM, which has become a very powerful tool and inspiration that has allowed to create and design youth clubs, recreational activities and field to which I have called "Rovers and Landers ", tools that have given teachers new ways to educate, learn and grasp.

In this educational experience, where the theory of imagination combined with STEM, have created opportunities for school redesign and think in an educational center of learning, and in the evaluation process responses to potential solutions or better still difficulties defects students have towards knowledge or learning of it.

Approach also has allowed students to NASA and the whole set of areas from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and generate inspiration processes active and meaningful learning through activities such as Rovers and Landers, focused on a goal that is SPACE SCHOOL, which we did every year at the facilities of NASA JSC and SCH Space Center Houston.

In conclusion, I designed a program enriched with educational experience value as STEM, by adding a process from a theory like that of the imagination and the study of the brain as biological machines. And with it I hope to give students opportunities to all the world and especially to continue to inspire future generations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and the areas of space exploration. In itself, a personal dream come true and shared with all future generations as is the wonderful world of space and I want to be astronauts to continue to inspire ...


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