Patch 2.4 is about to hit and with it will come a wide host of changes.  This article will detail what patch 2.4 will bring to SWTOR and if there is a chance at saving the game.  

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But just because there were release day mishaps and huge structural problems with the game doesn't mean it can't be redeemed.  The good thing about MMO's is that they can change.  In fact one of my favorite MMO's of all time, Star Wars: Galaxies, was changed so much I quit playing.  I hope the opposite happens with Star Wars: The Old Republic, because I want to love the game, but I can't due to the problems with questing and lack of customization.  

However, Bioware is unloading a new patch that should shake things up a bit.  


The new patch will add a few features to the game and update existing features.  SWTOR has had a lackluster PvP since the beginning and Bioware intends to add more flavor by introducing arenas.  

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The new arenas will be 4v4 mini battlegrounds.  Up until patch 2.4, Bioware has been working on fixing 8v8 battlegrounds and it seems like their attention has shifted to focus on smaller group combat.  

New 4v4 combat isn't the only addition to 2.4.  It is a fairly massive content drop in terms of SWTOR.  Players will also be able to complete two new operations on the planet Oricon.  The operations will be against a group of Sith Lords named the Dread Masters.  From the beginning of SWTOR the Dread Masters have been referenced and Sith players actually interact with them when visiting the Republic prison world of Belsavis.  

Now, in patch 2.4 you are going to raid and kill them.  

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Personally, I always enjoyed the Dread Masters during my Sith questing, but things change and the game always needs new raids.  Raids are the only way to advance at top level.  You raid to gain loot and new items.  Most of the raids up until this patch have been lacking, but I have a feeling that this one will actually be good and there is a chance that it will rejuvinate a dying end game.  

Rise of the Hutt Cartel for Free

Okay so here is the big news.  Rise of the Hutt Cartel will be offered to subscribers for free in patch 2.4.  So if you have previously purchased Star Wars the Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel than from what I understand you won't be getting your money back, but if you subscibe after 2.4 hits than you will get it for free.  

Kind of stinks to have bought it before patch 2.4, but at least it will be offered up for free as it is not that entertaining.  All it does is raise the level cap and allow you to access new raids, like the ones in patch 2.4.  Hutt Cartel doesn't offer class stories which is the best feature in SWTOR.  

Final Verdict

If you play SWTOR you are going to want to download patch 2.4.  It is going to offer some new features, but the features are not enough to save the game.  What SWTOR needs to do is implement a new space simulation.  When space is finally fixed I will give it a second chance.  Other things that Bioware can do is add: minigames like Pazaark, swoop racing, pod racing, and other mini games.  Additionally, they can start rolling out new class stories.  Leveling and progression should also be looked at again.  Really, what SWTOR needs is an expansion like World of Warcraft: Catacylsm.  An expansion that doesn't really add new areas, but fixes everything and makes the game more of a sandbox in terms of leveling instead of a straight shoot from level 1 t0 55.