So about a month ago I purchased several types of dog attack deterrent sprays from Sabre online.  You see, I grew up in the country and anyone from the woods knows that dogs over there are unforgiving.  They aren't there to look pretty, they are there to defend territory.  So I developed a mistrust for dogs, and any animal capable of seriously hurting me of the ones I love (and yes that includes humans).  In urban life, it's less common to have aggressive dogs unleashed on you but it can happen.

Sabre's 50 mg Dog Spray

I personally love doing urban running and 'Parcour' and sometimes that leads me into dangerous places where i don't know what to expect.  Therefore I carry one of the smaller versions of this pepper spray around with me at all times when running.  Some might want to use it for personal defence against people.  In Canada, this is illegal.  I know, it's ridiculous, but you cannot protect yourself with pepper spray in Canada.  But I won't tell if you don't.


So here's what I've found testing these on myself, and my friends.  First of all, the sensation is like pouring gasoline on your face and lighting it.  Yeah, that bad.  Your eyes swell and tear up, you can barely breathe, and frankly can't do anything after getting this in the face.  I can only imagine what a dog feels after getting a shot of this in the nose.  After about an hour, skin will stop feeling like it's burning.  Water helps a lot.

They're also very (almost too easy) to discharge.  Simply turn the red button to the side and it instantly becomes ready to fire.  I only worry that it could accidentally discharge inside a purse or worst, your jeans if you knock them the wrong way.  Wind is also a variable.  Strong winds can keep the unit from sending its load in the right direction.


Sabre have a variety of Pepper spray formats and colors and can be bought equipped with holsters, key chain clips and belt clips.  It goes from the small and portable 22 gram that delivers 25 separate 1 second bursts up to 3 meters (10 feet) away, to  the slightly chubby but more effective 50 gram pray (photo) which delivers 10 separate 1 second bursts up to meters away.  I even purchased 2 pink ones to give out to my female friends but they found the Barbie pink tone a bit much.  Kinda looks like a vibrator.

Pink but dangerous