Seven Powers of light, or as you may know them, The seven rays.

Sacred Wicca Seven Powers of light

I found myself wanting to know more about the Sacred Wicca's Seven powers of light after a discussion with another writer. I have a natural born love for anything Esoteric, but that does not mean I wish to hear all the mumbo jumbo that lazy people make up for themselves with out studying any sort of Theosophy. If you wish to do your own studies or more in depth study then I suggest that you read a fabulous book written by Helena Blavatsky, called
The Secret Doctrine, the Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy. This is a compilation of her previous book,magnum opus, originally published in two volumes.


The Theosophist Helena Blavatsky

How are the Seven powers of light related to Wicca, and what makes them sacred?

To see how Theosophists made the Seven rays of light important in the faith of Wicca, you need to remember that although the Theosophists mentioned were around approximately half a century before Wicca was to come around by Gerald Gardner, you have to realise that Wicca was also a mixture of things that had come before. It was a break away from others, such as the Freemasons. So it makes sense that the Wicca believe in the thesis that Helena Blavatsky has on the Seven rays of light. After all she herself would have learnt of the Seven rays of light by spending time in a Buddhist monastery.

These Seven rays of light are sacred to Wicca and also other faiths such as Buddhism. They represent the purification of the spirit, The Higher self.

The Sacred Wicca's Seven powers of light are also more commonly known as the Seven Rays. These Seven rays are however energies. Theosophists such as Alison.A.Bailey and Helena Blavatsky are the best sources on theses on. The Seven Powers of light that these energies are;

The first light is the energy that is Will/Power/Purpose/Destruction and it is coloured Blue.

The second is the energy of Love/Wisdom/Coherence/Magnetism/Inclusiveness and is coloured Indigo.

The third is the energy of Active intelligence/Adaptability/Creativity, and is the colour Green.

The fourth is the energy of Harmony through conflict/Beauty/Sensitivity/Unity and is the colour Yellow.

The fifth is the energy of Concrete science/Science/Mind/Analysis and is the colour Orange.

The sixth is the energy of Love-devotion/Idealism/Adherence/Force and is the colour Red.

The seventh is Ceremonial Order/Organization/Group/Magic and is the colour Violet.

All of the above emanate from the pure white that is the centre of all.

Wiccans and other faiths use the study of these energies to perform their magic. The study is a journey and not a book. The study is something that has to be done by meditation, study and mindful thought. A witch has to learn to draw on these energies for use of their magic, that is what magic is, it is direction of the energy.

The seven rays are Sacred to everyone, whether they know it or not because they are the world's energies. They are in and around everything.

Wiccans also use this energy my meditating with the Chakras. These are points of the body and whilst meditating, the colour of the Chakra needed is envisioned to engulf the person. At the same time, the point on the body where the Chakra dwells is envisioned as the source of that colour.

Chakras are points of energy within the body and are the Esoteric equivalent of psychology.

The seven major Chakras

There are also seven major Chakras, Chakra in Sanskrit for Wheel. The Chakras are spinning wheels of energy at certain points of entry in your body. Each Chakra is related to the Seven powers of light and share a colour each with the same meaning. I will explain underneath.

The seven main Chakras and their meaning and colours are;

1) The Root Chakra. This Chakra point is found at the point of your sexual organs. It is near your perineum.

The colour of this Chakra is Red, and the conscious level of this Chakra is the physical body. It shares the same vibrational colour as the sixth ray.

2) The Sex Chakra. This Chakra is as suggested, the sexual energy, but also the creative chakra. It is the Chakra placed just below your navel, and is the conscious of emotions.

The colour of this Chakra is Orange and shares that with the fifth ray.

3)  The Solar plexis Chakra. This Chakra point is found above the navel, where the rib cage forms a V shape. This Chakra is where you deal with anxieties, love for your surroundings and that "butterfly in your stomach" feeling. The conscious level of this Chakra is the intelectual thought, including judgement and opinions.

The colour of this Chakra is Yellow, and shares its colour with the fourth ray.

4) The Heart Chakra. This Chakra is just above the Solar plexis and up to the Collar bone. It is the Chakra for healing, but also for sensing energy fields and sending others energy. The conscious level for this Chakra is the Astral body.

The colour for the Heart Chakra is Green and shares that with the third ray.

5) The Throat Chakra. This Chakra is above the collar bone, up to the nose. It is the Chakra that makes us aware that our internal world and ethereal world is as real in existence as the material world. It is the Chakra that we of course find our confidence to communicate and state our will.

The colour for the Throat Chakra is Blue. This is shared with the first ray.

6) The 3rd eye Chakra. This Chakra is used for creating personal realities. It is where we consentrate on bringing oppositions in to harmony.

The colour of this Chakra is Indigo and is shared with the second ray.

7) The Crown Chakra. This Chakra is where the top of your head is. It is attached to realeasing the self in to the all.  The Crown Chakra is also known as the Door to God. This Chakra is assosciated with the conscious of the spiritual.

The colour of the Chakra is Violet and sometimes White. This is shared with the seventh ray, which is not suprising to most.

So hopefully you can see the correlation between the Sacred seven rays of light and the Seven Chakras.

The seven Chakras and the relation to seven rays of light