A safari theme is a fun way for kids to learn about animals. Plus, it's gender neutral so you can use it as a theme when two kids are sharing a room. However, you want to get a few years of use out of the more expensive items in your room. Plus, your kids are actually supposed to sleep in this room so you don't want it to be too wild. Here are a few tips for safari kids' decor.

Make it modern. If you paint a small room a dark color, such as forest green then it might seem overwhelming. Plus, you probably want the decorations to last. You don't want your kids complaining in a few months because the monkey painted on his wall is too juvenile. Try using pieces that your child can grow with. You can find a lot of nightstands that have simple grass mat inserts. Then you can just pair them with your favorite dark wood tones. This way you'll be able to reuse your furniture when you are sick of the theme.

You might just want to go with one element for an older child's theme. This will keep it from becoming too cutesy. You might be able to find a funky retro fabric for curtains that features leaves or ferns in funky aquas and pea greens. This fabric would even work in an adult's room so it's a cheerful but sophisticated addition. If you want to go for a cute hand painted look then skip the stencils and trace the curtain fabric onto the walls or furniture. You can even carry the motif simply onto other items by making it look like the leaves are falling.

Keep it casual. This will keep the room from being too stuffy. Remember that all of your kids' toys have to fit in there too. Plus, all these items will bring in their own spots of colors. Use painted furniture with a distressed finish and bold fabrics. This room will be durable and you can transition a lot of the furniture into a teen's room.

Safari kid's rooms aren't just for girls. Mosquito netting makes a perfect canopy that is also feminine. Pair hot pink furniture with zebra print fabrics for a funky teenage girl's room. You can also just try pairing a few animal print pillows in lavenders and aqua's on an ordinary bedspread for an instant theme. Play around with Photoshop to make your own artwork for this style. This will be a lot more elegant then just a cutesy wallpaper border. Instead, turn real photographs of zebras and cheetahs into an array of lime greens and turquoises. Print these out as large as possible and make a collage. This will give your kids' room a more "grown up" feeling and you won't have to change out most of your items.

Be inspired for the furniture colors. You can always find basic dressers, desks and chairs at thrift stores and garage sales for just a few dollars. You can also refinish them to get the exact look you want and it's no big loss if you don't keep it forever. A lot of the cartoony kind of safari themed fabrics feature bright oranges, greens and blue. You can paint each piece of furniture in the room a different color. Check with the paint counter at your hardware store; they often resell the paint that customers have brought back for just a few dollars. This allows you to get funky colors and save money.

Keep your wall colors neutral. Remember that your child still has to sleep in this room. This means that bold patterns and dramatic colors might not be the best for wall colors. Instead bring in colorful accessories and paint the walls taupe, gold, or a soft green.

Safari themes for kids' rooms are fun. They can be as unique as your child and use the items you already have around the house to save money and get a one of a kind look.