Safari nursery decor is gender neutral. This means that you can decorate before you know the gender of your kid. Your husband may even want to help decorating if he's excited about the overall theme. It's also a fantastic theme if you are having twins and a boy and girl are sharing a room. Plus, you'll be able to keep most of your nursery items intact for when you have the next kid. Here are a few tips for safari decor that doesn't have to break the bank.

Base the room around stuffed animals. Did someone give you a gigantic gorilla at the baby shower and you just don't know what to do with it? Find ways to display stuffed animals because they work so well with the safari theme. You can set larger animals in the corner and build cubbies or shelves for the rest of them. You could even put a plate rail near the top of the ceiling and hang the stuffed animals that your kid doesn't need immediately.

Change up the section you shop in. You might have trouble finding nursery decor that isn't too cutesy. Instead, you can mix and match regular household items. Pick up solid color curtains; just make sure they are washable. Pair it with a rug in your nursery colors. You can save a lot of money and get a unique style just by shopping in the regular home decorating department. Just make sure that all items are still safe for baby.

Become your own muralist. A mural will have a lot more impact than a traditional wallpaper border. This allows you to bring actual artwork into your kids' room and get a one of a kind look. Your first thought might be that you aren't an artist. If you want an intricate scene it may be better to hire someone to help you. If you want a modern, contemporary style then just stick with one wall. This will keep a small room from being overpowered but will also make your job a lot easier. For a fun, contemporary look try painting trees out of circles. For the animals just draw a horizon line and paint silhouettes of your favorite safari animals. You can even trace them, but paint them in a solid color so they don't look too cutesy. Bring in vivid sunset colors like hot pink and purple for a girl's room.

You can get the look of a mural without painting. Find a wall sticker featuring a monkey that you can hang from the ceiling (just make sure that it's out of baby's reach). You can also stretch a jungle or animal print fabric across several canvases for an easy art project.

Use unusual colors. When you think of a nursery you probably envision blue for boys, pink for girls. A safari theme changes all this up. You can decorate with aquas, oranges, limes and chocolate browns. This ensures that your nursery looks different from everyone elses on the block.

Safari nursery decor has staying power. You'll be able to change it up so it works for your child for the first few years of his or her life. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact.