A safari theme room can show off your sense of adventure. This doesn't have to just be for a kid's room. However, you'll probably want to limit the number of rooms that you try this theme in because it can seem overwhelming. With a few design tips you can create a room that you (and your guests) will want to spend time in.

Limit the number of animal prints. This is one of the biggest mistakes that first time decorators make. Everything has to match. Quick get the cheetah print sofa to match the cheetah print curtains and the cheetah wall art. Sure, it's an easy way to match things but it's also impractical. You'll probably end up with a room that just feels busy and predictable. You know the saying "It's a jungle out there?" Your guests will probably walk in and think "It's a jungle in here".

Instead, you'll just want to make a few big statements while ensuring that you spend your money wisely. Pick one and only one safari item that you love. Hopefully, this will just be decoration instead of furniture. If you go with say a zebra print sectional you'll be stuck with it for a long time and you'll be destined to have a safari room even if your mood changes. Instead, you could just bring in one item such as an oversized faux zebra rug to coordinate with the rest of your room.

Go natural. This will create more of a Zen like safari room and will bring in a lot of different colors and textures. You might even want to mimic a thatched roof by applying stained wood beams and grass mats to your ceiling for a focal point that is still neutral. You can also bring in an elegant feel by going with more of a British Colonial look. This way you can incorporate a four poster bed but use a mosquito net for your theme.

Make it modern. You might remember these kinds of theme rooms from the 80s or a bad Vegas hotel. The key to keeping it sophisticated is in contemporary decorating. This is also a minimalist approach so you won't have to buy as much stuff. For instance, you might already have white walls in your living room. Then you probably have a pretty neutral couch. This could seem uninspired or even hospital like. Imagine just bringing in a single zebra striped armchair with black trim on it. Make sure all the lines are really chic so it's still modern. This combines all the furniture you already have in your space without becoming overwhelming. It could even work in a bachelor pad; especially if you need to pair something stylish with black leather sofas.

You could even use this theme in a teenager's room. Keep it funky so it doesn't feel like a nursery. You could paint an entire wall with an animal print and then pair it with unexpected bright neon colors. It's just paint so you can redo it later on.

A safari theme room shows off your personality. It doesn't have to take over your entire home or be tacky. Just use restraint and a healthy dose of good taste to get a room that everyone can enjoy.