Time to lose weight, and fast

With Christmas on the horizon, we are all starting to think about losing a few pounds. After all Christmas is the party season, but it is also that time of year when, all too many of us, overindulge.

Depending on how you feel about weight loss, achieving a safe weight loss of 10 pounds could be quick and easy, or it could seem an impossible task. Much will depend on how near to your ideal weight you are. The more of those extra pounds that you carry, the quicker they will roll off if you follow a sensible diet. It is usually much easier for men to lose a few pounds than us females which is a bonus.

Safe weight loss.

In order for weight to come off, and stay off, safe, steady weight loss is advisable. A weight loss of one pound needs a calorie reduction of 3,500 calories. Incorporate some simple exercises to aid weight loss.

Tips to ensure a quick, safe weight loss:-

Set yourself a goal-

Work out a personal weight loss programme that will fit into your lifestyle. Decide how much weight you are aiming to lose each week. Two to three pounds is a safe, achievable amount. This could mean that you safely lose ten pounds in around a month.

Cater your diet to your requirements-

For a weight loss programme to work it needs to include food and drink that you are happy to consume. Include low calorie foods, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruit and vegetables can usually be eaten freely, as most are almost calorie free. Make sure though that you do not add extras such as cooking fat.

Sugary foods-

Remove biscuits, chocolate, cakes, sweet puddings and candy from your diet. In general, limit your intake of any sugary foods.

Dairy products-

Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk, low fat spreads instead of butter and avoid cheese.


Restrict your intake of bread. If you do eat any bread make sure that is the wholemeal variety. Better still try crispbreads instead.


Do not add sugar to cereals. Aim to buy whole grain cereals and check the ingredients to ensure that the product is not full of salt and sugar.

Fast Foods-

Fast foods such as pizzas, chips or fries, savoury pastries, fried food, Chinese, curries and burgers should be off limits.


Hidden amounts of calories are often consumed through alcoholic or soft drinks. At least for the duration of your weight loss programme avoid alcoholic drinks, sugary carbonated drinks and adding sugar to beverages, such as tea and coffee.

Get moving-

Shifting ten pounds safely, but quickly, will be more achievable with an increase in exercise. This does not have to be relentless, time consuming or beyond your capabilities. Try walking the stairs at work, as opposed to using the elevator or the escalator. Leave the car in the garage more and try walking, jogging or cycling. Get busy with all those jobs around the home such as painting and gardening. As sex only burns around 5 calories a minute it is not the most effective way to lose weight but it could be the most enjoyable.

Your will to safely lose ten pounds quickly, will be your strongest weapon. Stay focused and the combination of a sensible eating plan and an increase in exercise will soon do the trick.