There are numerous ant insecticide sprays and powders, many of them extremely effective. One or two will even offer long-lasting ant protection, lasting anything up to six months. But, many of us want a Safe Ant Insecticide. One that will work, destroying and deterring these pests but without putting the health of our family and pets at risk.

Ants can be a huge problem both inside and out. They wreak havoc in the flower borders, mess up the lawn and seem to attack children playing outside. Inside, they will congregate in the kitchen awaiting the tiniest crumb you fail to notice fall to the floor. Of course you notice once the ants appear, writhing piles of them fighting over that morsel of food.

Those ants can really drive you to distraction, but you still don't want to be breathing in toxic chemicals or sprinkling poisons around your kitchen. Well not if you lead a busy life with children and pets around anyway. Watching them all 24/7 to ensure no-one touches the ant poison is definitely more hassle than you need - nearly as annoying as the ants themselves!

There is a Safe Ant Insecticide that works though. It's name is Diatomaceous Earth. This is a completely safe insecticidal product that doesn't cost a fortune. Most surprisingly it actually works as well!

Diatomaceous earth is not just an ant insecticide, it is a general all round killer of crawling bugs. Any insect which walks through the pesticide powder becomes covered in tiny sharp grains which quickly scarify the body. Dehydration and bacterial infection then do their jobs and all your insect pests are dead. It doesn't sound very nice, but it is perfectly natural and more importantly you get to drop crumbs without feeding hoards of invading pests.

There are two sorts of this ant insecticide available. Food grade and non-food grade. As the name suggests, one can be safely consumed by people and pets and the other not. Both are equally hazardous to the health of those invading ants. If you suspect your pets may be able to access the powder make sure to order the food grade version, that way you know you're using a completely Pet Safe Ant Insecticide.

In fact, this is such a versatile product you can use it as an intestinal de-wormer for dogs too. Insects and parasites really don't like diatomaceous earth. It damages their exoskeletons and stops their marauding activity. You can even use it as a safe garden insecticide to deal with aphids and similar pests outdoors too. Though of course, being a powder, you will need to reapply after rain.

So Diatomaceous Earth is a Safe Ant Insecticide, a Safe Garden Insecticide and a Natural De-Wormer all in one!