cat and candles

Do you love candles? Most people do, they are used for ambient lighting, setting the mood of a room, and also for freshening a room with warm inviting aromas. But as beautiful as they are, there is no such thing as safe candles.

You see them in the movies and in adverts on TV, on how to de-stress in the bathtub with candles everywhere, or how to set the mood in your home.

You see them in the grocery store, on the shelves, in "safe containers" such as glass globes, and they also sell those tea lights candles, that you can put in any container you wish! But no matter how you look at it, candles are fire and are not truly safe. There is no such thing as a safe candle. They may be in safe containers, or manufacturers who produce safe containers will tell you they are safe, but all of them will also tell you, "don't leave a candle unattended".

I was at a friends house for a party, and she had candles going in every room. Nice little smelling candles burning away in their "safe glass globes" in the bathroom, living room, even in the basement, anywhere in the house she thought people might venture, after all what could happen? They are safe candles right?

Here is a little story, that I hope makes you think twice about leaving those so called "safe candles" around the house.

My sister, loves candles, she goes to all those candle parties, and gets gorgeous candles, at every gathering there are candles going. My niece (her daughter) loves them too. A few years ago, my niece had a nice lavender candle lit in her room, in one of those glass globes that you purchase with the candle. She would do this every evening while in her room doing her homework.

She was babysitting her little brother at the time, she was 14 and he was 8 years old. She left the room to check on him, and got distracted. As she was down in the basement of this 3 story house the phone rang and it was the neighbor across the road, telling her to get out of the house, the top floor was on fire.

Luckily she grabbed her brother ran up to the main floor and out of the house. This was a 80 year old house and the top floor went up quickly with the flames.

After the investigation, it was found that the cat that was in her room, must have knocked the candle over to go and watch the fish in the tank, which it would do all the time. On the table near the tipped over candle was liquid shoe polish as she was polishing her boots on newspaper. That is flammable, and went up quick, it didn't take long for the rest of the room, as she had her homework pages all over the same desk to go up in flames.

She had lost track of time downstairs, and luckily her neighbor saw this, as this basement had no escape either, she was able to get to the main floor. The smoke detectors went off on the top floor but hadn't reached the main floor yet, and they were both wearing ear phones listening to music.

So, for candle safety, you should NEVER put them in rooms where you are not. As nice as these candles are in the bathroom, and the basement, and all over the house, do not depend on the container they are in for safe candles.

If you have pets, or someone knocks the table, it doesn't take much for that hot wax to spill. In my nieces case, she lost her entire room contents, plus her fish tank and pet rats, the cat escaped.

As more and more people enjoy the ambience of candles, candle safety seems to be going out the door. Just because the container seems safe, does not mean they should be left alone.

If you have them in the bathroom, guests can easily knock them over or into the waste basket, maybe they have had a few drinks, who knows? Candle safety should be practiced. My niece was so used to seeing my sister light candles all over the house, that she always had one in her room, she loved the smell. But you forget just how easy, fires can start.

They were safe, but there was 65,000 dollars damage to their house, from one candle. So, keep this in mind when you start lighting candles all over the house. Only light them where you will be, it doesn't take much to knock one over, and you need to be able to react right away. Enjoy them for what they are, but also respect that they are fire, and that there are no safe candles.