According to studies, vehicle accidents often happen because of two major reasons: disobedience and negligence. If a driver does not follow traffic rules and regulations and he gets into an accident, he may be required to pay for punitive damages because his actions were intentional. On the other hand, a driver who was not able to step on the brakes immediately because of a distraction, and caused a collision would only pay for compensatory damages of his victim.

In a freeway chain collision, both situations may be present. For instance, a vehicle traveling beyond the prescribed speed limit may cause an accident on a freeway. Meanwhile, a driver of a following vehicle may not have noticed the accident right away because he was chatting with his friend over the phone, leading to a second collision. It does not matter whether a driver is disobedient or negligent, because both driver errors can cause car accidents.

Here are some things a motorist should remember if he does not want to encounter a freeway chain collision:

  • Always follow speed limits. Speed signs are placed on roads and highways to avoid high-speed crashes. Unfortunately, few people follow such signs.
  • Be aware of road and weather conditions. If the road is slippery or the road is covered with fog, it is best to pull over and wait until the road becomes visible.
  • Avoid tailgating behind trucks and other larger vehicles. If a driver stays behind these kinds of vehicles, he would find it difficult to see the road ahead.
  • Stay alert at all times. In driving, there should be no room for fatigue. If a driver dozes off to sleep, he might get into an accident.
  • Keep away anything that may cause distraction. Cell phones, loud music speakers, and even passengers are some of the primary causes of distraction.

If a driver fails to conduct these steps and he gets into a freeway chain collision, the other driver may get a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to help him file a claim. If he is successful in his claim, he would be entitled to receive certain benefits depending on the violation of the responsible driver.

Chain collisions are terrible accidents that should be prevented. A driver who wants to avoid such situations should follow traffic regulations and concentrate on what he is doing. For more information regarding chain collisions on the freeway, he can seek legal counsel from a Los Angeles accident attorney.