Internet Security and Safe online banking

Keep your Money safe online

Are you feeling dubious about online banking. Has talk of  viruses, Trojans and Phishing attacks left you feeling traditional banking is better than online banking.  If the answer is yes (or even if it is no) then following a simple guide to safe online banking may be of benefit.

In essence a 3 streamed approach to safe online banking is required. This approach consists of protect, spot and report.


Any new piece of malware targeting online banking is dangerous, it is at is most dangerous in the first few hours of its introduction. The best internet security products will learn how to spot and block the malware within days or even hours. Therefore do your research and ensure you have a product which is responsive and ensure you keep it up to date. Additionally try to use any extra “secure transmission” software that your bank offers. Products such as Rapport lock down your browser and block any interaction with its communication with your bank. So when choosing online banking it might be worth checking what security systems you online bank offer.


Always keep an eye on the design of your online banks site.  If you notice a complete redesign then don’t be too worried. However a check of the url to make sure you haven’t been redirected would be advised.  Watch out for more subtle changes as this is more likely to be a consequence of malware. Requests for more information than normal should set alarm bells ringing.  If you get asked to use your chip and pin calculator then be especially cautious. Finally in the spot section if your online banking transactions are taking longer than usual it could be worth double checking you are not under attack.


In the UK  banks are pretty good at compensating online fraud victims . However make sure you report any transaction that appears suspicious or unusual as soon as possible.  The best way to do this is via a phone call to ensure no more attacks take place online. Once reported the banks will support you and watch for unusual activity from you account so make sure you give them a mobile (cell phone) number to allow them to contact you should anything look amiss.


Overall online banking is a safe and convenient way to bank, following the simple guidelines and staying vigilant should mean you will have minimal problems.