Organic Baby Mattress(51665)

When you look at organic crib mattresses what is most important? Most parents would say safety since they're looking out for the best interest of the baby. If they don't who will? Naturally, organic crib mattresses may cost more than synthetic baby crib mattresses because they're made with special care and are all natural, free of chemicals. However, you can't place a price on safety, so it is better to cut costs elsewhere. It is worth it to pay more for an organic crib mattress and have peace of mind.

Babies spend over 10 hours a day sleeping on a crib mattress; therefore, it's very important that the crib mattress is safe and healthy. Babies are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals and need extra protection from them. This is where organic crib mattresses come in to provide that extra protection, at least while baby is sleeping and resting. You're also being eco-friendly to our planet, which is a huge bonus.

Organic Crib Mattresses

Simply because an organic crib mattress claims to be organic doesn't mean that it isn't toxic. What matters is the materials used to make the mattress. The deal is that it can be called organic when it is made with one or more organic materials. Consequently, it is important to check all materials used when making organic crib mattresses. What good is it if organic crib mattresses contain toxins?

Okay, then how do we know when an organic crib mattress is actually safe? When it is truly pure and organic it is grown and processed without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or any chemicals. The best materials or fibers used for organic crib mattresses are cotton, wool and latex. There is no way that vinyl, plastic or foam can be certified organic it's just common sense to know this.

The word is out on organic crib mattresses, so you will start to see more mainstream companies offering organic baby sleep products. Consumers are hearing and learning more about how synthetic mattresses are affecting the health of their baby and manufacturers know it.

Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

One of the best organic cotton crib mattresses is the No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 seamless crib mattress made by Naturepedic. It is waterproof and dust mite proof, it is also firm and provides a healthy safe environment for your baby to sleep. There are several types of cotton organic crib mattresses available online at check them out for yourself.

Consider wool or cotton/wool blend organic crib mattress just be sure that it is pure organically grown and processed wool which means it should be certified organic. Wool offers warmth and repels moisture and is naturally repellent to dust mites. Wool is also flame and bacteria resistant. Go to you will find quality organic cotton crib mattresses and other organic wool bedding products.

Additionally, at they carry organic crib latex mattresses, which is another excellent choice for babies to remain safe and healthy as they sleep. Their latex organic crib mattresses are tested and free from chemicals, binders or impurities. The fillers are organic cotton and wool.

Another website that carries organic crib mattresses is they do four lab tests on their organic products. They also meet NAOMI (National Association of Organic Mattress Industry) standards. Safe to say this site cares about mattress safety.

Organic Crib Mattress Tips

Before buying a organic crib mattress it's a good idea to measure the crib against the mattress. Many of them are standard size, but you need to be sure. The fit should be snug with no gaps for baby to roll into and get stuck. Do the one finger test and if more than one finger can fit then it's a no go.

As mentioned above cost is a consideration, however, you can't place a price on safety. But if the same organic crib mattress is on sale or discounted for some reason someplace else then go for it. For example, Amazon many times has discounts on crib organic crib mattresses that are on another site or even bigger chain retail stores. Also check out Ebay and Craig's List.

Read the specifications closely to make sure there are only pure organic materials used. Be sure that the coils are made of organic cotton and wool as well. This is where it can get tricky, so we need to be picky and read fine print details. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes!

Choose a firm organic crib mattress, so that the mattress doesn't sink and baby isn't rolling over easily into rails or the bed frame. Organic crib mattresses should also be able to regain their original shape quickly and be resilient. Push down on the mattress with your hand to test for considerable resistance and if it isn't there then it's not as firm as it ought to be.

Buying online can save money and is convenient plus some of the best organic crib mattresses made are only available online. When buying offline you can actually feel the mattress, so they both have an upside. Finally, whether you buy baby's crib mattress online or off do your homework.

Organic Baby Mattress(51665)

Organic Crib Mattresses


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