Becoming a parent is the most life changing experience that one can go through. The entire focus of your life will change to make your children the most important thing in your life. Even when going through a divorce this still holds true, most couples look for an attorney that specializes in child custody cases to protect their children and the rights of each parent to have visiting rights to see the children. Even when planning the yearly summer time vacation, you will build a vacation you plan for a safe yet loads of fun time for your children. When summer arrives you should prepare for all of the fun that awaits you and your children together. Be certain however to plan for some safety in your activities.

If your kids are like my daughter, injuries are frequent. There is a lot of tripping, scraping, and just general scratches from running through the backyard. Since children are so prone to injuries, you should keep some age appropriate pain relief and a basic first aid kit with you as you travel. Just the other day there was a story in my local paper of a 30 month old little girl who was so well trained by her parents to go see firemen for help that she saved the life of her father by going for help when he collapsed. Hopefully you will never be in need of such a thing but you should teach your child the basics of calling 911 in cases of emergency. With your portable first aid kit you will be able to treat all of the minor cuts and abrasions that come up, but you will need a local doctor or emergency room for anything like a broken leg or even a burn.

With a child in the house you need to keep them away from hot surfaces. When they see a flame they are naturally curious as it is probably something new to them and it looks so interesting flickering away like that! Burns also often happen when your child reaches up to grab something from the top of the stove. Be sure to make it more difficult for your child to grab something from the stove by turning all of the handles into the middle of your stove, this makes it much more difficult for small curious hands to reach up and grab that tempting looking handle. Also watch how you place things on your counters, make certain that knives are not on the edge with perhaps a handle hanging over the edge. When placing knives into your drain rack after washing be sure to place the sharp edge down with the handle out.

If your yard or local park has a playground, the kids will really love it! Nothing is quite so cool to little ones as testing out those new skills and their nerves by climbing up a small ladder to the top of the slide, or sliding hand over hand across the jungle gym. Watching the dance of happiness that comes from mastering some new physical skill is one of a parents greatest joys! These play palaces can also be a source of injuries. Be sure that there are no large slivers in wooden parts, no broken or torn metal sheets, and no sharp edges or rusted bolts uncovered as these can all be a place where children can get hurt by getting caught on anything of that nature. Also be sure to monitor your child when they are climbing, you want to make sure that you can be near if they fall or if they accomplish something that causes them to do the little dance of joy!

A swimming pool is always of great joy to most any child. They love to get into the water even when they do not yet know how to swim, and who could blame them. There really is nothing quite as refreshing as a cooling swim on a blistering summer day! Until your children learn to swim well you will need to take special care when they are near the water. There are many great swimming aides to help keep your children safe until they are great swimmers. One of my favorites are the plastic inflatable small floaties, my daughter loves them as she feels that she can swim by herself, she is learning to swim at the same time by kicking harder, plus she feels pretty safe in the water. I always stay nearby just in case and you should as well. They are also making some great, small life jackets for kids now. If you have your child wear one anytime they are near a pool or at the beach they will stand a much greater chance of being safe during any accidental fall into the water. If you are at a pool or a beach, always keep a watch on your child. If there is anytime you lose track of your child inform the local lifeguard.

Most of all summer is a time for you to spend a little extra time with your child and strengthen your family bond together. By using some good common sense you should have an awesome summer filled with fun activities and lots of joy!